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Best Hikes To Do In Norway: And The Kids Can Do Them!

best hikes Norway

There are so many hikes to do in Norway.  The best way to immerse yourself in the incredible scenery of fjords, snow-capped mountains, and thousand foot waterfalls is via trails.  Norway is one of the best places to hike and takes you to some amazing campgrounds.  Take your time to enjoy the beautiful drives along the way. 

So Many Mountains, So Little Time

There’s a reason Norweigan cross-country skiers are some of the best aerobically trained athletes in the world (other than the fact that they probably don’t drink because it’s too expensive).  There are mountains everywhere, which means there is no shortage of hikes to do in Norway.  Make sure you are physically prepared though.  Many of them involve a lot of steep climbing.  Here are my four favorite hikes that we did when we were there in June.

Hiking Norway

Hiking above Geirangerfjord (Korsmyra – Gromsdal)

This is the quintessential hike to do in Norway.  It has beautiful views of the fjord and seven sisters waterfall.  The best part is that it gets very little foot traffic. To get here you drive the windy road out of town until you get to a parking area at the top of the hill. From here, you walk a few feet back down the way you came and cross the street.   Here is a link to hikes to do in Norway: Hikes in Geiranger (we did hike P)

hiking at Flo Norway with kids

Hike above the town of Flo

You aren’t going to find this hike on any tourist map or list of hikes to do in Norway.  This is a hike one of the locals told us about and it was amazing!  Starting from Stryn, drive east to Flo (you will drive to the end of the road in Flo and pay to park on someone’s lawn).

Then, look for the hiking poles by what looks like someone’s driveway.  Make sure you eat your spinach because you will need a lot of strength to get up the very steep one-mile-long ascent, but the views at the top are worth it. Once you get to the top, the path levels out and takes you past rustic cabins, roaring waterfalls, and glassy lakes. I recommend hiking at least to the second lake.

Hiking molden norway


This one was my favorite hike to do in Norway.  We happened to do this hike on a race day so it was a bit crowded, however, that didn’t take away from the enjoyment any bit.  I was amazed too by how many kids were racing it!

This is another hike that you will need your stamina for.  It feels as if you never stop climbing and when you think you’ve reached the top, it keeps on climbing.  You will be rewarded with the most breathtaking views of snow-topped mountains, picturesque villages, and turquoise fjords.  From Sogndalsfjørd, drive about 20 minutes north towards Marifjørd, and look for a yellow sign saying “Mollandsmarki.”  Turn right here and follow the dirt road to the start of the hike.

hiking Norway with kids

Indre to Ytre Fure

One of the off-the-beaten-path hikes to do in Norway takes you to the side of a mountain covered by primrose flowers right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  Drive towards Hoddevika and then follow signs to the coast and the very narrow, one-lane road west along the ocean.

While these are certainly not easy hikes, the rewards of standing above fjords and beneath rumbling waterfalls make the exertion worth it.  Two years later, Tatiana still talks about how fun it was filling her water bottle from the waterfall on the Flo hike.

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Have you been to Norway?  Tell us in the comments about your favorite hike in Norway.

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best hikes Norway

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Neha Kulshrestha

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

These are amazing views of the Fjords> Norway indeed is magical. And I loved that your kids are equally interested in the adventures. I believe they learn more and become responsible travelers from a young age.

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