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Robyn and Isabelle Bringing the Energy in Bryce Canyon

Welcome! I’m Robyn, a mother of 5, and lifelong homeschool-mom turned unschool-mom. I believe that YOU, as the parent of your child, are the absolute best person to educate your child.

My kids didn’t fit the mold and after trying to send my first child to preschool, I had an inkling that the school system didn’t have my child’s best interest in mind.

That’s all it took for me to take a shot at homeschooling. I didn’t necessarily plan to homeschool forever, but with the way my life evolved, my faith in the school system became non-existent

Five kids later, I was homeschooling, continuing to run my gymnastics and personal training business with my husband, and trying to do it all until eventually I was tired of my life flying by. Homeschooling was great, but even still, I wasn’t making the memories I wanted to make with my kids. I wanted to explore!

In 2015, my husband and I took the leap. We sold everything we owned to move into our RV and travel full-time. You can read our full story here. Over 8 years, we slowly, unintentionally became unschoolers who prioritized interest-based learning and high school entrepreneurship.

I’ve tried it all, homeschooling, roadschooling, unschooling, with all ages and 5 very different personalities, and after all this, I know what works and what doesn’t

This fast-paced world of overextending-yourself-so-you-can-attain-social-status method of raising a family is failing.

Even more, I want to help you see that the traditional method of homeschooling is not the best path. A lot has changed in the world since I began homeschooling back in 2004 and the impact AI is about to have on our children’s future will be HUGE.

Watch the video below, Positioning Teens For Success During An Economic Revolution, to understand how the world is shifting and how to set your child up to succeed in this New Earth Era.

Finding Meaning & Purpose

While you might have just stumbled upon this page while searching for a hike on the East Coast or planning a road trip to Yellowstone, I personally have a much bigger purpose than just sharing travel and adventure advice.

The reason we started traveling in 2015 was I knew in my soul that there was more to life than school work and my husband working long hours for us to just barely get by.

In 2012, I had already begun shifting away from traditional homeschooling and was taking the kids on more field trips or just hanging out at the beach and park.

I wanted my kids to be active in sports and have friends but the intensity and exhaustion of competitive sports just left me, and them, feeling depleted.

Between 2012 and 2015, I spent a lot of time in self-reflection asking myself, “What is my intention in raising my children? What role should homeschooling play in this?”

As a straight-A student, learning came easy to me but I often wondered, “Did it even matter? How much of my education did I even use as an adult and what parts of my schooling were truly beneficial?”

In short, I came up with this.

My 3 Goals For Homeschooling:

  1. Raise well-mannered, responsible, kind, hard-working kids who value themselves, which to me included positive talk, being active & strong, eating healthy, and practicing mindfulnesss.
  2. Instill confidence and self-worth by encouraging them to take risks, allow for failure, and provide them with an abundance of time for creative outlets.
  3. Help them develop a passion project early on and give them the time and resources to obsess over it while encouraging them to create content about their passions from the get-go. Basically, I wanted them to have the ability to become entrepreneurs.

Download My Parenting Book 👇

This is my journey from suburban mom who was happy, but bored, in the mundane life of raising kids and keeping a family running smoothly, to a full time adventure traveler & entrepreneur who spends her days climbing, hiking, surfing, and biking while also creating a travel brand and a self growth coaching platform with her family.

Be Who You Want Your Kids to Be book

If you too want a life full of meaning and purpose built around health and connection with the ones you love, check out my new book, Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be, where I explain that:

  1. The key to your child’s happiness starts with your own
  2. Raising confident, capable children requires you to be confident and capable
  3. It’s okay to show our kids our emotional vulnerability and share our struggle without placing blame
  4. Now is the best time in history to start breaking generational parenting patterns by becoming more self aware, doing inner child healing, and implementing happiness psychology
  5. It’s up to you to be the example for the life you want your kids to lead

How I Accomplished My Homeschooling Goals

In my book I talk a lot about how my husband and I both model health and fitness. We prioritizing self-care such as working out, yoga, journaling, meditating, and eating right. I truly believe this simple act makes a huge difference and prevents a lot of conflict in the family unit.

Related: 30 Healthy Habits You Can Do With Your Kids (free printable!)

We’ve always been an active family so full-time RVing and adventure travel have just made this even easier for us and it’s definitely a reason to consider escaping the rat race and simplifying your life. But, you don’t have to live in an RV to instill these values in your child and living in an RV doesn’t guarantee these values will be instilled either.

What Is Passion-Driven Education?

When I first started homeschooling, I did spend a lot of time teaching traditional subjects with my oldest 2 kids, however, with my younger 3 I have done ZERO traditional subjects.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t educated or aren’t learning. We just choose to teach or guide them to what they are interested in and we don’t allow for time spent on video games or apps on phones/ipads.

People often ask me, “How do you keep them off of devices?” It’s been easy. We are more fun than video games and we too like to play and be creative.

Instead of traditional school work we use real life and thier interest as the backbone to learning.

Passion driven schooling is where you build education and entrepreneurial skills around the things that your child is showing an interest in.

It’s not forced rather, you encourage your child to find out more on a subject, have them teach you about it, and if the interest persists, you can help them create content (a business) around it.

Teaching your teen how to be a creative content creator, or Young Entrepreneur, is one of the best ways to help your child find a career in the future.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy by Gabi Robledo

If you have younger children, download my free homeschooling workshop to learn more about the importance of creative communication and ways to integrate it into your own homeschooling curriculum.

A Typical Day Now

Currently, my youngest two are 15 and 12 years old. They’ve lived in an RV and traveled since they were 7 and 4 years old.

fun and creativity in homeschooling

Typically, my husband and I work with clients every morning from 6-10 a.m. When the kids wake up around 7 a.m., they spend a few hours reading and writing their own books. All my kids love to read and write and I’ve never had to nag or threaten punishment because they just learned from a young age that reading and writing were fun.

Next, they take turns with one making breakfast and the other on clean-up duty afterwards. Then, we are off on an adventure such as hiking, climbing, surfing, skiing, etc.

Then, Victor works with a few more clients while we all pitch in to make a healthy dinner, sharing stories and laughing while cooking, eating, and cleaning up together.

We may finish the day by going to yoga together or just do meditation and breathwork in the RV.

We don’t make the kids do yoga, meditation, or breathwork, but they see us do it and typically want to join in. When you create a good bond with your kids, they will naturally want to do things with you.

I know, it’s weird in this day and age but it’s created a loving relationship where we all get along and everyone feels valued. Personally, I think we all want more of this which is what I’m really here to help you with.

Lead With Compassion & Assertion

I’m also an Enneagram 8 and don’t mind being assertive. I’ve found that my kids actually enjoy that I have clear, and quite high, expectations. But that doesn’t mean I am an authoritarian parent. I have set rules and values that I won’t budge on, one of which is that I truly value their thoughts, desires, and opinions, which means, I include them in most of the decisions involving what we do.

By over-communicating, we are always checking in with each other to make sure everyone’s needs and desires are being met. It makes our family feel like a TEAM.

If you find yourself having trouble communicating with your teen, I have this free Raising Teens Training that can help.

free training on raising teens

Instilling Confidence & Self Worth

Inside each of us are 7 main energetic hubs called the chakras, two of which are key players in developing your child’s confidence (solar plexus chakra) and self-worth (sacral chakra).

In my view, we are in the midst of a Generational Self Worth Crisis, and in order for us to break this cycle, we as parents have to face our own shadow and heal our trauma and past wounds.

When we do this, we break free of the fears surrounding homeschooling our kids. Things like:

  • “How will my child have friends?”
  • “What about college?”
  • “What if I’m not good at math?”

I find that once you recognize your ego’s defense (which is the shadow of your personality archetype), you realize that you are perfectly capable of raising your child to be a functioning member of society without the aid of the school system.

Learning happens in a variety of ways and isn’t always linear. By trusting in this and having a clear vision of the emotional well-being you want your child to develop, it becomes very easy to toss traditional schooling aside and carve out a path that is unique to your child’s passions.

It’s Not About The Curriculum!

Curriculum can still play a big role in your homeschooling day but if teaching the actual subjects ever gets to be too much, remember that the world is shifting to AI dominance and the jobs of the future are not the jobs of today. Prioritizing creativity and the ability to think outside the box will be much more valuable in the upcoming years.

Here’s some of the curriculum I’ve used in the past.

I find that Teaching To Your Child’s Cognitive Function as well as setting up a homeschool lifestyle that aligns with your personality type makes a HUGE difference.

My husband and I have been health and life coaches for 3 decades and the common theme we hear from parents is, “Why does life have to be so hard?”

And I simultaneously I catch moms saying, “I just want my child to grow up and be happy and healthy while telling their child that they have to play an instrument, be involved in sports, have a friend circle, and get good grades.”

We want the best for our families but can’t get ourselves off the hamster wheel of “I have to DO more and BE more.”

There is another way.

I really feel like the biggest gift Victor and I can give to parents who wants to connect deeper with their child and help them grow up to be happy, healthy, and balanced individuals is teaching them self-acceptance, self-worth, and self-love.

Tapping into the heart chakra and learning to be present in life will make it so that a lot of the fears and concerns surrounding homeschooling and parenting begin to fade away.

If you need help on that journey, check out Be the Hero Academy or Victor’s men’s group, Masculitnity Unmasked.

I hope this helps you create a more meaningful and fulfilling parenting experience 💙.

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