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39 Simple Ways To Change Your Mindset

We’ve lived the past 9 years chasing our dreams. We get to wake up together as a family and have traveled all over the world in chase of adventure. People ask me all the time, “How do you get to live such a fun and adventurous life? Did you win the lottery or were your parents rich?” Nope. I just have a very positive mindset. When I get my mind set on something, it almost always manifests into reality. By keeping a positive and empowered mindset, I have the self-worth, self-confidence, and self-discipline to create the life of my dreams.

When you change your mindset to believe that anything is possible, you can create a life that is full of love, joy, and excitement.

Without these simple tips, it can be challenging because we live in a world that is trying to keep you in a box. these simple mindset tips will help you build confidence, clarity, and the discipline needed to change your beliefs and in doing so, you begin to reinvent yourself.

When you suceed in realigning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the highest version of yourself, that’s where the magic happens and you get to live out your dreams with a soak in fulfillment.

Give these 39 simple ways to change your mindset a try and see how quickly you can manifest the life of your dreams.

1 | Engage Fear

We overcome fear by consistently taking small steps outside our comfort zone without too much attachment to results. If the fear feels too strong to take action, consider putting more attention on the root chakra. Also, rationalize your fear by asking yourself, What’s the worst thing that can happen and what’s the best thing that can happen? Often focusing on the potential benefit is enough to offset a small risk.

2 | Ask Questions

Don’t believe everything you see and hear.  It’s okay to follow some rules and go with the flow, but not if it doesn’t align with your purpose (or harm anyone).  Be a reporter for your own life and ask frequently how, why, what, when, and where.  Assimilate all you’ve learned to look at life with more perspective and look within for more knowledge.  And if you can’t find the answer, dig deeper until you find the answer.

3 | Be Persistent

Persistence is not sexy, fun, or glamorous. Persistence is all about enduring the grind.

Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.
-Paramahansa Yogananda

It involves finding the motivation to face each day with determination, persisting despite imperfections, and channeling your desire and intention to navigate challenges. This journey bridges the gap from routine to aspiration.

Be Your Badass Self Napoleon Hill

4 | Find Your Beast Mode

During moments of fatigue, I rest briefly then propel myself into action. In times of adversity, I push harder. When fear arises, I strategize. Overwhelmed? I reorganize tasks. Uncertain about a challenge, I start small. When in doubt, I dive in. For nourishment, I opt for healthy foods; for sadness, I turn to beloved films.

Attack your day on all fronts. If you don’t have the motivation, make it up. If life gets in the way, you reprioritize. I call this discipline…BEAST MODE. I operate on beast mode a lot.

Don’t worry about motivation. Motivation is fickle. It comes and it goes. It is unreliable and when you are counting on motivation to get your goals accomplished- you will likely fall short. So don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline. You know what you have to do. So MAKE YOURSELF DO IT. You do that with Discipline. Everyone wants some magic pill- some life hack- that eliminates the need to do the work. But that doesn’t exist. No. You have to do the work. You’ve got to hold the line. You’ve got to MAKE IT HAPPEN. So. Dig in. Find the Discipline. Be the Discipline. Accomplish.
-Jaco Willink

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5 | Chill Out

A big part of being badass is having the ability to play, move, adventure with the intensity of fire and also chill with the stillness of ice.  When you play, do so with intensity and focus, but also allow yourself to recover fully by being completely vested in the calmness and deepness of your breath.  The ability to find stillness in your day, will open up epiphanies and help you manifest your greatness.  Plus, the ability to challenge yourself fiercely will help you be able to sit still long enough to ponder life’s deeper questions.

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6 | Be Happy Being You

The more you can create my own happiness, the better you will feel about yourself and the better vibe you can bring to the world. I know that when I am happy, it rubs off on the people around me. Whether it’s exercise, play, or career, find the things that fill you with confidence and self worth, and you too will feel badass.

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7 | Declutter + Reorganize

When your environment is organized, your life feels organize. If you aren’t organized, it will be hard to prioritize the rest of your badassery. Being organized allows you space to focus on self growth, creativity, and taking risks.

8 | Heighten Your Awareness

Notice everything.  Bring awareness to what’s important, how you move, what you say, who you say it to, and what you’re thinking and feeling.  By taking time to notice more of both of yourself and your surroundings, you can start to identify what obstacles are getting in your way or not helping you move to badass status.  Awareness becomes an interruption to our rushed tendencies. It forces us to acknowledge where, who, what, when, and how we want to be.

Attention is awareness heightened and focused, the intentional directing of awareness.-Rock Warriors Way

9 | Trust in Karma

If you prioritize kindness and goodness for human kind, it’s amazing the opportunities that open up for you.  We’ve zeroed out our bank account many times and it’s all worked out in the end.  I’m not saying I don’t worry often, but when I catch myself moving toward that panicky feeling, I stop and hone into my intentions, visualize my Bhavada, and trust that if I keep trying to contribute to the world in a kind, loving, and positive way, the universe will send love back my way.  

10 | Listen To Your Dirty Emotions

We all feel jealous, guilty, or angry at times.  It’s completely normal and great emotions to have because they are huge indicators of where we wish we were spending our time doing or becoming.  Next time those dirty emotions bear their ugly head think about why, and then ask yourself why again and again and again and again and again…until you can get to the root of what it is your really want or really feel is missing in your life.

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11 | Downsize Your Obligations

This could easily be a function of creating more time in your schedule to take care of yourself or it could be in the form of committing to less. Less meetings, less practices, less obligations. Look at your schedule and ask, “Does this align with the actions that are most valuable to me?”

12 | Be Creative

Create something, take dance classes, get artsy, start writing. Find whatever form of self expression that will get you more motivated to let loose. This can also include sports or what I call “play”. This is more than just working out.  Play is any sport or activity that gets you in your flow or that you have so much fun doing that you just lose all sense of time when you are doing it.

13 | Improve Your Self Care

Eat right, get plenty of rest, get a lot of movement, and do the right exercises. Learn to work smarter, not just harder. Drink more water and less alcohol. Eat more veggies. Sit less and walk often. Lift heavy and play frequently. Sleep soundly and laugh a lot. All of these little things will help make a huge impact.

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14 | Be Emotionally Intelligent

Improve how you react to people and the world around you by:

  • being kind and fair in relationships
  • managing your expectations of others (you can only control yourself)
  • detachment to things out of your control
  • practicing acceptance and gratitude
  • calming your mind with your breath
  • using all your senses (meditation can help here)
  • most of all, a willingness to grow.

15 | Travel More

I encourage you to make time and set aside money to travel more.  You can do it very cheaply, but honestly, every penny is worth it.  Travel creates experiences that you really can’t put a dollar value on.  

People don’t take trips–trips take people. -John Steinbeck

16 | Immerse Yourself in the Elements

Nature is one of the best places to draw out your inner badass and motivate you to chase your dreams. Find the element that speaks to you- wind, water, earth, fire- and immerse yourself in it.

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17 | Make It Easy

One of the easiest ways to be persistent is to set up your environment for success.  We are drawn to things that are easy, therefore, if you make the right choice the easy choice you will be more successful. Fill your fridge with only healthy choices. Go for a 15 minute walk or run. Put a yoga mat in front of your TV so you stretch more. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you drawn to because it’s easy, convenient, or habitual, but not helping you get closer to your dreams?
  • What can you do to overcome this inertia?
  • What habits can you create?
  • How can you change your environment?

18 | Up Your Skill Set

Developing a new skill will put you in the driver’s seat of your life. Where are your skills at currently and where would you like to see them improve? Are you good with people? Are you an expert at something? Do you have good researching skills? Are you highly organized? What skills could you learn or attain to make something come easier for you?

19 | Give Yourself A Rest Day

Take regular moments, whether daily or weekly, to simply exist. No pressure, no hurry—just embracing a slow, calm exploration of your body, mind, and surroundings.

Time where you can dilly dally, go off on tangents like spending an hour reorganizing your junk drawer, doodle on paper, curl up with a good book, make to-do lists, travel plans, bucket lists, write letters to a friend, play board games with your kids, or anything else that helps you lower your stress and improve your overall sense of well being.

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20 | Align With Your Values

Redefining your interactions and experiences in life can be applied in many forms. As you identify factors that serve you, find ways to surround yourself with like minded souls and people who you look up to. Notice what values they possess that you want to integrate more into your life.

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21 | Understand Your Past

One of my favorite books is The Zahir by Paulo Coehlo. In it, he talks about how important it is to talk about your past and repeat your story frequently because it allows you to release the bad energy of it. Okay, he’s much more poetic about it, but hopefully, the idea of not storing bad feelings inside your body makes sense. I only recommend things for my program that I really believe in and I can tell you this one has helped me a lot.

Even if we aren’t carrying around major trauma, we all have a tendency to feel not heard or that some points in our life maybe weren’t fair. We’ve all made mistakes and learning to forgive ourselves, as well as others, will definitely help you feel lighter and live more playfully.

Take some time and reflect on what events, feelings, and situations got you to this crossroads today. Try not to beat yourself up too much, but at the same time, be honest with yourself. Think about all the great things you’ve done. Adventures you’ve had. The people you’ve enjoyed spending time with. The risks you took. Then, look at the flaws. In yoga, they often say, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.” Instead of beating yourself up for past failures, look at what you could learn from them. Be honest with yourself and look deeper into why you did the things you did at the time, regardless of if you think they were good or bad.

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22 | Maximize Productivity

When you are most productive? For me, this is mornings (as long as it doesn’t interfere with a good night’s sleep). Try to do the things you enjoy most at the times you are most productive.

23 | Add Good Stress

Without stress, we become bored, apathetic, indifferent. We need something that pushes us to be our best, provides challenge, gets us in our zone, and keeps our attention. Good stress will leave you feeling energized, inspired, and focused. The key is to not getting overwhelmed be stress lies in your coping strategies and providing wellness boosters.

  • Write out positive affirmations for yourself.
  • Spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature.
  • Do yoga a few times a week.
  • Make time to meditate.
  • Get a massage.
  • Play with and cuddle your kids.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Remember to fill your own tank before giving to everyone else.
  • And always practice self love.

24 | Create Action Plans

Happy people know where they want to see themselves in the future and actively work every day on doing something tangible to get closer to their goals and dreams. That’s what we do in our Project Life course. We help you discover your goals, passions, and desires and then create action plans based on playing to your strengths while bringing up your weaknesses.

25 | Visualize The Steps

It’s one thing to bring awareness to your goals, desires, needs, fears, etc, but taking the step from thinking to doing is where the real magic happens. Try to visualize the steps needed to go from desire to action to feeling satisfied with your accomplishments.  

26 | Check Things Off Your Lists

You have an action plan and are visualizing it, but are you actually checking things off the list?  Or better yet, do you feel like your list never ends?  By actually checking things off a physical list, you not only stay accountable to yourself, but you also get the satisfaction of seeing that you are getting things done even when it feels like the list never ends.

27 | Seek Out New Experiences

When did you last embark on an adventure like Bilbo Baggins? When did you last embrace a thrilling experience that gave you goosebumps? What long-held dreams linger neglected on your bucket list?

Go big.  Live boldly.  Shoot for the stars.  Be brave.  Act spontaneous.  Force your brain to create new neural pathways! Do something that shows the universe you are turning over a new leaf.

28 | Say NO

There are many times when saying “no” to an obligation is best. When you have a firm grasp on what you want from your life and are fulfilling your own happiness, then it’s much easier to say no, redefine your interactions with others, and set boundaries for what keeps you in line with your values, many of which the world won’t understand. They don’t have to. If it makes sense to you, that’s enough. When you start prioritizing your time and your needs, you open yourself up to opportunities that will get you further down the path you choose.

29 | 15 Minute To Breathe

Trust me, you can create an immense amount of wellness in 15 minutes. At least once a day (if not more) make time to either take a cat nap, lie down and read, or meditate. It will help your parasympathetic system by slowing down your breath and also help your mind to think clearer. Before you know it, inspiration and clarity will be flooding your body.

30 | Downsize

Look at everything you interact with in your daily life and take a moment to notice if it brings you joy. Then walk through your house and notice how much stuff you don’t interact with in your daily life. When was the last time you used or looked at all the things in your closets and garage? Then, make an effort to stop buying.  Instead, try spending more time in nature and with people you love.

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31 | Let The Baggage Go

We all have it. We all a carrying around emotions and memories that no longer serve us. They don’t help us wake up excited.  Instead, that baggage weighs us down, makes us drag our feet, causes us to confuse past scenarios with what’s actually in front of us, or to make decisions based on fear and guilt.

When you practice acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness, you let go of that baggage and can regain a zip in you step, you smile more, you laugh often, and you live with a stoke that makes you excited to wake up and live each day to the fullest.  

Simplicity reigns in this approach. It’s about consciously sidestepping past emotions, channeling thoughts toward priorities, shrugging off trivial matters, and centering on personal actions and purpose. It’s seeking kindred spirits and delving into meaningful pursuits.

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32 | Rephrase Your Story

You can’t be a badass if you keep telling yourself:

  • I would do all of this but, I don’t have time.
  • In theory, this is good, however, this is just not for me.
  • It’s not in my nature.
  • I don’t have what it takes.

Go ahead… make a list of all the other self-deprecating, self-limiting, negative thoughts that keep arising in your head. Get them all out.  Feel better?

Now, I want you to focus on INCREASING YOUR VIBRATION. Connect with the energy of the breath. Connecting with the vibrations of your cells. Use the breath to exhale out past emotions. Use it to let go of your failures, your regrets, your mistakes, your past.

Then, use the inhale to fill your mind with the future you want. The future you are scripting. The attitude you want to be seen for. The coping mechanisms you now have. Fill your mind and paper with miracles, abundance, and confidence.

You possess the capability, determination, and certainty to achieve your aspirations.

Extract yourself from any negative thought pattern and see what makes you smile, laugh, breathe.

33 | Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be

This saying can make such a difference in your life. I know because I try to live by it often and it becomes a bit of a moral compass for me.  My kids are such a reflection of Victor and I.  When I notice bad behaviors, I don’t say “where did you learn that from?” I know right away that it’s the message I’ve been sending and I’m quick to work on correcting it.

We can’t raise kids based on the Do What I Say Not What I Do premise so try to be aware of the message you are sending your kids.  If you notice things that don’t align with what you want for your kids, don’t beat yourself up. Just start instilling the correct message.  I’m sure there are a lot of great qualities that your kids have picked up from you. Make sure you take time to acknowledge those too and practice self love for instilling that quality in them. 

34 | Keep Changing

Have you read the book Who Moved My Cheese?  If you need help accepting change, this is a great book.  There is no way to get around the fact that our world is constantly changing and the faster you can adapt, the better chance you will have at achieving your goals.  Be your badass self and learn to go with the flow.  Try practicing a little more detachment to how you think things should be and accept how some things are.  And never feel like you deserve things.  Everything takes effort and life’s not designed to be fair.

35 | Keep Track

It’s easier to change things that we measure.  If you just go by feel, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. But if you are measuring and tracking your results, you have more information to base decisions. 

35 | Disconnect

We get bombarded by stimulus all the time. Making an effort to disconnect, turn off your phone, get away from feeling like a chicken with your head cut off and seek peace, calm, and tranquility. All humans need creativity in their life and by disconnecting, it will help you tap into those creative juices.

36 | Forget Regret

I can’t say this word without thinking of the movie We Are The Millers. If you’ve seen it, you know what I am talking about. No regret? Not even one letter? haha!

Regret sucks. Because just like baggage, it causes us to live in the past and not tackle the present with our full awareness. And while you can’t fully escape regret, you can redefine it’s role in your life. In fact, you can even come to appreciate it as a wonderful tool to happiness.

Regret means you messed up, you failed, you made a bad choice. Which means regret is one of the best teachers. It reminds us of intention, motivation, and action.

One of the best ways to combat regret is with strength and knowledge. When you find yourself feeling regret, stop and ask yourself…

  • How could I have handled that better?
  • If I had a better understanding, would I have behaved differently?
  • Can I improve my skill set to do better in the future?
  • Is this scenario aligning with my intention?
  • This list could go on and on.

Flip regret into a positive and see how much better it can help you be your badass self.

37 | Embrace Failure

If you failed, you tried. Just like regret, failure can be one of the best teachers.. One of my favorite sayings is “You miss 100% of the waves you don’t paddle on.”  Seriously, I get way more tired from paddling on the waves I miss because typically the ones I miss weren’t good to begin with, but I read it wrong or the wave changed at the last minute. But there are so many great rides I have had from waves that I did paddle on at the last moment or went for even knowing ahead of time that they more than likely would not stand up enough for me. Oh those wonderful rides!  Few things in life compare to the stoke I get surfing and so I’ve learned to paddle my ass off any chance I can.

Now, that doesn’t mean the same as paddling out into crappy or dangerous surf.  This is about giving 100% to the things that are within your means or just outside your skillset.  It’s going for the challenge knowing you have a chance.  It’s living life not wondering What If.  If you just sit and wonder, ruminate, and think of all the possibilities, nothing will happen.

All successful people fail. And fail often.  But they also persist. Evaluate what went wrong. And keep trying. I encourage you to allow yourself to mess up, but don’t allow yourself to quit. It will eventually work with the right mindset.


38. Stop Waiting for the stars to align perfectly

More importantly than not trying, is not hesitating.  I see this happen a lot especially when it comes to adventure or travel. People talk about what they may do one day, but aren’t willing to try today. We think about it. We talk about it. We tell people we’re going to do it. But then we don’t.

So often we think little things are much bigger than they really are. We put them off until there’s deeper desire, more time, more money.  Always remember that the little thing is just that, a little thing.  Starting is always the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t let overwhelm win anymore. Start with one small task today.

Make lists. Create actionable steps. Check things off one item at a time. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in just a few minutes, multiple times a day.Life’s short. If it is worth it, do it now because you may not get the opportunity again and the learning curve may be long which means you need all the time you can get to fail, learn, try, and succeed.

If you hesitate, you may miss your opportunity.  It’s the people who are constantly trying something every day that eventually hit the jackpot.

38 | Find the Silver Lining

Last, find the silver lining in everything. Success doesn’t happen by doing big things. It happens by doing a lot of little things that lead to big results.  Focus on the small successes and magnify them over time.

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Suzi Whitford

Sunday 26th of April 2020

I love this list! Great ideas here. Downsizing has been a huge blessing and stress relief for my family! Thank you for sharing :-)

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