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How to Live a Stoked Life: 10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Happiness

10 Ways to live a stoked life

Stoke, that ah-ha moment where everything makes sense, you feel on top of the world, you’re in your flow and nothing else exists. You’re confident and exuberant because you are doing what you know you were put on earth to do. These 10 tips will help you learn how to live a more stoked life!

I’m lucky to experience a lot of stoke in my life- in my sports, with my family, and in my writing and courses. I’m constantly challenging myself in dynamic ways and, in doing so, I get to have a lot of fun. I like to use the word stoked because it encompasses so much more than just happiness or contentment.

When you’re stoked, you’re proud of your accomplishments but you also feel connected to an energy much greater than just yourself.

Your stoke probably looks much different than my stoke. What gets you in your state of flow might be way different than where I feel in the zone.

Stoke isn’t about absence of pain or discomfort. It’s about entering a state of “flow.” A state of being where you feel confident, happy, and life just makes sense.

Before I dive into this, let me give you a clear definition of the word stoked:

Stoked Meaning

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Alrighty, here are the 10 ways you can some of those mystical, stoked vibes into your life:

1 | Desire is a Must

It’s just too easy to go through the motions of your life. There’s a powerful force that draws us to the easy, the routine, the mundane, and in order to escape it, you have to have a strong desire for something more. Something stoke-worthy.

Your path to living a stoked life starts with making a commitment to yourself by writing down your hopes, dreams, and visions with as much detail as possible. When you can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, then you can manifest it.

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2 | Self Reflection is Your Compass

Just because you know what you want and can visualize it, doesn’t mean you will always succeed. What sets apart the people who do succeed though, is their ability to step back and reflect on what went wrong and why.

It’s all too easy to hit a road block and give up, but if you want to live your life stoked, as often as possible, you have to get comfy with your strengths as well as your flaws.

You have to listen to that negative self talk about how you suck and you’ll never be good enough, and then be willing to disagree and prove it wrong instead of crossing your arms and pouting like a 3 year old.

The more often you can take a risk, fail, learn, and try again, the more stoke you will achieve.

Tour du mont blanc stage 10, French alps
A perfect view of Mont Blanc and a little perspective into just how massive this peak is

3 | Attitude makes all the difference

Fine. You know what you want, you visualize it every day, you try and fail, and occasionally you get the win. But if you let the ego get carried away, the stoke will disapper too.

It’s like those surfers who sit on the peak and steal every wave.

They’ve lost the stoke. Instead of paddling out in a state of appreciation and kindness, they somehow think they deserve more and so, they aren’t smiling anymore. While they may catch more waves, they aren’t stoked.

They’ve confused skill with entitlement.

Stoke comes from a place of humility, kindness, and compassion.

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4 | Bring the Energy

Stoke doesn’t happen for a couch potato. Stoke requires some form of physical exertion. Which means, you need energy and the ability to recover from a hard effort. Good sourced, high quality food is like gold when it comes to having energy.

If you think you can achieve stoke regularly by putting crap in your body, I’d love to hear how and invite you to try putting better foods in your body and see what amazing possibilities you can achieve.

5 | Perfection is a Myth

I don’t have it all figured out. I mess up all the time. Just because I choose to share my insights and curiosities with you, doesn’t mean I have all your answers. Please don’t expect perfection out of me because I would never expect it out of you.

And I promise you, that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable and flawed, you will live a more stoked life.

6 | Who are you?

I have a saying that I talk about in my books, blogs and courses. There’s the you that others think you are. There’s the you that you think you are. There’s the you that you wish you were.

Somewhere between all three of those, is the you that really exists.

You should get to know that person better because that is the person who wants to get stoked.

7 | Who Are You Connected To?

While I am a huge believer in knowing your true self and being able to create happiness for yourself, you can’t do it all alone.

You need people in your life. You need relationships. You need attention. You need to share ideas and thoughts. You need physical affection.

Stoke is so much harder to achieve when we hold the weight of the world, hurt emotions, fixed ideologies, and a plate of armor strong enough to protect you from Thanos.

Nurturing the right connections is hard and can feel draining too. In Project LIFE, we recognize these barriers and struggles and work to find ways to look at relationships in a new light so that your relationships too can be a source of stoke.

8 | Be Physically Capable

Remember, stoke requires exertion. So in addition to putting all that good food in your body, you need a body that is strong, flexible, agile, coordinated. Some forms of stoke may require less strength than others, but the goal to improve should always there.

Stoke is reserved for the physically capable. The ones who will beat up their bodies one day and then turn inward to nurture them the next.

Stoke is so much easier when you create integrity in your muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

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9 | Your Environment Matters

If you are missing stoke in your life, stop and look around at your surroundings. Not just at the trees (or lack thereof), or the cars, or the buildings, but also at the people. Notice the energy you are surrounded by.

All of this effects your abiltiy to get stoked.

Maybe it’s time for a change? Maybe your environment is holding you back?

Gabi and Robyn Meditating San Diego

10 | Make a Commitment

You don’t get to pick and choose which days you show up to life. Life happens everyday whether we want it to or not.

If you want an amazing stoked-beyond-belief kind of life, you have to be committed to creating it.

There’s a good chance that everything you’ve been taught since childhood has centered around working hard so that you can attain the rat race success model of job, car, house, family.

But how many people have stopped you and asked:

  • How do you want to feel?
  • What vibration do you want to live at?
  • What kind of calmness and joy do you want to experience?
  • What type of connections with others would make you feel special, loved, and valued?
  • How do you want your days to feel?
  • What types of self care will you center your life around?

These deeper question, while they can be confusing and difficult to wrap your head around, are the things that happy people ask themselves.

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