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How To Overcome An Entitlement Mindset

how to overcome an entitlement mindset

Life is hard. It’s hard for you, it’s hard for me. It’s hard for the poor and the rich. It’s hard for the conventional and unconventional. Everyone’s got to work hard in their life and no one “deserves” not to, that would make you entitled.

Entitlement is a common issue in this day and age and it’s something that my lifestyle has caused me to, in general, live without. Things that most kids—or even adults—believe they deserve, are thing I don’t have in my life.

Entitlement is the belief that one is deserving of something. That one should not have to work for something, that it should just be handed to them.

There’s no way to put it in order to make it sound better. Entitlement is not a good trait to have or acquire.

Entitlement will only prevent you form living life to the fullest:

  • Entitlement will never fulfill you
  • Entitlement will never drive you towards a goal
  • Entitlement will never make you happy

In my family’s lifestyle, entitlement is unacceptable. We live in a small space with lots of chores to be done in order to keep things organized, working, and in order, which means teamwork and responsibility is essential. Each of us are expected to pitch in to make dinner, pack up to go explore, clean up the house—motorhome, babysit the little ones, work on the blog, etc etc. On top of that, my siblings and I are taught that nothing in life—not a single thing—is going to be given to you. We see it in our every day life. Nothing we’ve done, nowhere we’ve been could’ve been accomplished without hard work. It’s not like someone came along and handed us plane tickets any time we wanted. We’ve sacrificed every time there’s been something we wanted. 

But…an argument could be made…

It doesn’t matter if every night I go to bed without a shower, without electricity, and with a limited water supply. It doesn’t matter that I stress about whether our family has enough money to eat what we want every day. It doesn’t matter if every day I worry that if a car breaks we have no money to fix it.It doesn’t matter that I work for 6-8 hours a day on a business model that doesn’t make money and I fear never will.


None of that justifies the fact that I’m entitled and I know it.

I’m entitled because I was given a choice. The choice: “Do you want something bigger?”

  • I’m entitled because I was given the option to have a life that only 1 in a million people have.
  • I’m entitled because I was given 3 years in which I learned more than any education system can teach me.
  • I’m entitled because I grew up knowing that “if you work hard and always persist, you can do or be anything you want.”
  • I’m entitled because I believe dreams can come true.
  • I’m entitled because I had opportunities to fail.
  • I’m entitled because I know what I want in life.
  • I’m entitled because I believe I always have the choice to work for something better.
  • Yeah, I’m entitled. But I’m entitled in whole different world of ways that most are entitled.

But here’s why I’m not entitled. I know deep down that nobody deserves anything in life.

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Yes, I’m given a way better choice in life than most people but once that decision is made, we work our asses off to make that choice happen.

In May of 2018, we hit ground 0 (again) after an epic 3 month trip to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Bali and so we headed to Bend to try and get jobs and grow roots.  Things didn’t go so well there.  Jobs that could support a family of 7 were impossible to come by.  There was a housing shortage.  We were going into debt to pay for groceries even though we lived for free in our RV on forest roads at the base of one the most epic mountain biking trail systems in the world.

Life was hard in Bend and we payed the price for our choices. But so what!

Everyone deals with hard stuff so I’m glad Bend was our hard stuff—at least for now. Because I’m sure there’s going to be more hard times. If the hard times stop coming it means you’re doing something wrong. You’re standing still in the same place you’ve always been because you’re afraid of the rocky path that lies around the corner.

There isn’t a day that goes past where I regret our decisions. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes you question yourself, your future, your differences.

In that hard phase of our life I was constantly torn between giving up on the good life, and continuing to hustle to be able to go to the amazing places the rest of the world doesn’t go.

I’m entitled because I have the ability to contemplate that. We had a choice to take the low road and the easy way out. I’m entitled because I know we can choose to have a good life as long as we’re willing to sacrifice and work for it.

Every single day we consider our options but the problem always is lies in this: There is no clear path.

But that’s okay. We’re willing to deal with the hard times to get to a place we want to be—in the literal and metaphorical sense.

We’re not going to sit by and whine that life’s not fair and we don’t deserve hard times. Nobody deserves anything.

Life's what you make it and it's your choice whether to blame it on the world or yourself for not making choices to have for something more.Click To Tweet

You don’t deserve a nice house, you don’t deserve that junk food, you don’t deserve those new shoes, you don’t deserve a life without challenge.

If the thought of, “that’s not fair has ever crossed your mind,” stop and ask yourself why you think it isn’t and why you deserve that thing. If that thing you think you deserve really matters to you, work for it.

But what’s so bad about entitlement?

With an entitled mindset, you will never be truly happy because will always be wishing you have more yet you are unwilling to try to get to that “more” yourself.

Entitlement is not fuel. It’s a passive, draining feeling that will not motivate you to get what you think you deserve.

If happiness is what you seek, entitlement is what you should seek to live without.Click To Tweet

The only thing in life we are all entitled to is a choice.

If you want to start creating a happier mindset and lifestyle, click here to download the 5 step guide to living a more fulfilled life.

Every day you wake up, ask yourself:

  • Am I happy?
  • What do I think I deserve today?
  • How can I achieve that through my own hard work?

Everyone has a choice, some have to make harder choices then others but we can all fight to achieve a happy life.

So the question is:

  1. Do you want to continue with your current routine thinking you’re pretty content with your life, yet deep down you think life’s not fair and that you deserve more?
  2. Or do you want to wake up, know what you want, and make a choice to work hard to achieve that desire and chase your happiness?

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how to overcome an entitlement mindset

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