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Hylete Leggings + Apparel Review [2021 Active Womens Gift Guide]

Hylete Leggings and Womens Apparel Review
Find out why we love Hylete leggings, which styles are best for certain activities, and why Hylete is our go to store for activewear.

Hylete leggings and apparel are the high permormance activewear that every adventurous women needs. Hylete goes above and beyond in creating stylish yet functional apparel for women who want to exercise intensely, train hard, and adventure harder. This review is all about why we love Hylete leggings, which styles are best for certain activities, and why Hylete is our go to store for activewear.

Hylete had me at Graced by Grit😜. I have dozens of reasons that I love all of Hylete’s Womens Apparel but in this review I want to start by making one clear statement, I am gritty.

I raise my kids to be gritty. Our travel is gritty. And I love that Hylete clothes allow me to live this gritty life while still looking fabulous.

I actually first discovered Hylete way back in 2012 when my husband went to a Personal Training Conference in our hometown of San Diego. Hylete was a new brand and they gave away their newly launched shorts and what eventually became a very famous backpack to all the attendees.

I remember being very impressed at the time but we weren’t “adventure travelers” quite yet and so, I didn’t pay enough attention to this up and coming brand.

Well, 2015 hit and our life propelled to full-blown grit. I’m talking dirtbag life to the fullest. Long days driving to get to epic hikes, days spent on the crag, flying all around the world to adventure destinations, and even a few classy days in cities like Paris, Barcelona, and Venice. Hylete was one of my go-to outfits for all of this.

We only carried small backpacks on our travels and I love that Hylete was functional for days hiking and climbing, but with a quick wash and shower, they’d transform me into the classy European city lifestyle.

Disclosure: Hylete has collaborated with us in order to conduct this review. This apparel was provided to us free of charge however the opinions expressed in this blog are, and always will be, truly our own.

Between my two daughters and I, we have a few different styles of Hylete leggings, tops, workout shorts, and sports bras. In this Hylete review, I’m going to share with you my favorite Hylete styles and which adventures they are best for.

Hylete Womens Leggings Review

Best Overall Hylete Leggings | Nimbus Tight + Capri

I’m going to cut to the chase and share the best overall pair of leggings Hylete has to offer.

First of all, none of our Hylete leggings disappoint but if you’re looking for the best all around pair, great for all sports and activities the Nimbus tights will go above and beyond.

Nimbus Tight, Hylete Leggings
The Nimbus Tights are the best overall Hylete leggings, suitable for any adventure

The full length Nimbus come in both solid tones and heather tones. I think this really caters to both the clean cut and crisp look like I prefer or for more personailty, the vivid heather tones make for a great companion.

If you’re looking for more fashion, the Capri cut is the way to go. These are definitely among the cutest leggings I’ve seen on the market. 

While the full length Nimbus cut is definitely stylish too, the overlapping mesh and zipper features of the Capri style make them a more eye catching style from gym to trail. 

Personally, I love having both cuts. Both are form fitting and flattering for muscular builds and these are my top choice for outdoor rock climbing since they have a thicker material than the other leggings.

Xen Racerback Hylete Top
Gabi (left) wearing the Nimbus crop leggings with the Xen Racerback top. Robyn (right) wearing the Nimbus full length leggings with he T-back top

Personally, I choose to go with solid tones for my full length leggings making them a classic companion for an active day outdoors and a dirtbag’s best friend considering they work for everything from gym time to chill time.

I choose a bolder color for my crop Nimbus leggings and I these are my top pick for indoor climbing/working out and exploring cities on our active road trip.

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Best Winter Sports Legging | Terras Fleece Lined Tight

If you’re looking for a pair of leggings to keep you warm this winter, the Terras fleece lined tights are without a doubt the best way to go. The wool lining makes them extra warm and great for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and even as a base layer for skiing/snowboarding.

While I absolutely LOVE my Nimbus tights, I wear my Terras tights on almost a daily basis for all of my cold weather adventures.

Terrras Fleece Lined tights for Winter
The Fleece Lining of the Terras tights make them absolutely perfect for winter

The terras leggings come in 2 different sleek solid tones and while they may not be the same fashion statement as other Hylete leggins, they are the everything you need from your leggings on cold days out hiking, running, climbing, or skiing.

Best Hylete Gym Leggings | Motiv II Vent Tight

The Motiv II tights are definitely the best gym leggings. The Hylete Motiv II tight features thin fabric with ankle mesh making them breathable. This is perfect for sweaty high intensity exercise and the stretchy material really moves with you for dynamic fitness.

The fun and sleek look of these tights is an awesome feature and it’s another reason why I think these are the perfect gym leggings.

Hylete Motiv II, Best Gym Leggings
With sleek lightweight material and venting mesh ankles, these Hylete leggings are perfect for high intensity exercise

Whether you choose the Galaxy or the Jungle print, you’ll surely feel like a badass athlete during your strength training, hot yoga class, or bouldering sesh with these silky, fitted tights.

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Best for Yoga + Warm Weather | Luna Leggings

The Luna tights are my favorite leggings for yoga and for warm weather. These Hylete leggings are definitely the most feminine and flattering, by far the most stylish companion for any yoga practice whether that’s a trpoical retreat, a lone sun salutation in the forest, or for a plain old yoga class.

Luna Hylete Leggings, Best for Yoga
The Luna Hylete Leggings are a feminine, minimalist style making them perfect for any style of yoga

The Luna tights are perfect for yoga because of their soft, silky fabric and their 7/8th ankle cut. The fabric is cute and light but not necessarily durable, perfect for yoga but I wouldn’t climb outdoors in them.

Generally the lightweight material of the Luna tights makes them the best activewear choice for warm weather.

Most importantly, why I choose these Hylete leggings for yoga and warm weather is because of the thin waist band. This thin waistband makes cropped tops look better and it prevent form fitting tees from bunching up.

Best Hylete Shorts | Iris Shorts

While I wish that the Iris shorts were more form fitting, I do love how functional they are. These shorts sit great on my hips while feeling snug. Plus, their light, and medium length makes them perfect for running and hiking.

Another feature that’s great is that these shorts have two pockets on the legs that make it so you can carry your keys with you while you run. 

Hylete Iris Shorts
The Iris Shorts are versatile, durable, and perfect for any adventure

I love the knit style waistband that almost feels like wearing leggings. This only contributes to already versatile, 4 way stretch materials.

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Hylete Tops

While Hylete leggings are amazing for active adventurers, the look isn’t complete without a functional top to go along with it. Hylete tank tops are lightweight, stylish, and functional for intense exercise.

Xen Racerback Tank

The first and our favorite is the classic, best selling Xen Racerback Tank. This tank is simple yet perfect for active women. It’s crisp, flattering, and hangs perfectly on both thin builds and those with broad shoulders.

The Altium Sports Bra, a supportive racerback, is also a perfect layer to complement the tee. Compelte this look by pairing it with the Nimbus tights for the best overall functionality and fashion.

Xen Racerback Hylete Top
Gabi (left) is wearing the Xen Racerback Hylete top. It’s crisp, clean, and fits broad shoulder builds perfectly

Eclipse Petal Back Tank

Another Nomads favorite is the super stylish Eclipse Petal Back Tank. I love bringing this top on my adventures abroad. The flowy fit makes it great for warm weather adventures (perhaps the perfect complement to the Luna tights) while the silky material makes it sweat wicking for intense HIIT training. This top is less functional for yoga because it’s so flowy.

Trace T-Back Tank

Another worthy mention is the unique, lightweight, semi-flowy Trace T-Back Tank. This top is an in between of the previous 2 mentioned tops. It’s clean cut and has a flattering hang on athletic builds yet it also has a semi-flowy bottom for comfort both during exercise and when relaxing.

Hylete Trace t-Back in Copenhagen
The Hylete Trace t-Back is the ultimate hybrid workout tee perfect for both intense exercise and for a stroll into town

And for a final note, Hylete also offers two other sports bras that we love and are great compliments to Hylete leggings. The Essense Sports Bra is, in my opinion, the cutest sports bra to wear on it’s own and would look great with the Nimbus Crop Tights.

If you’re looking for lightweight fabric and less heavy support, the Luna sports bra is a great choice to supplement a Hylete tee.

Overall, all of these mentioned Hylete tops are comfortable for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing but also look good enough if you’re going out to dinner or walking around town. It’s a double thumbs up from the nomads who want to train hard, adventure harder, and harness an aspect of grace all the while.

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