Hylete Leggings and Womens Apparel Review
Find out why we love Hylete leggings, which styles are best for certain activities, and why Hylete is our go to store for activewear.

Hylete leggings and apparel are the high permormance activewear that every adventurous women needs. Hylete goes above and beyond in creating stylish yet functional apparel for women who want to exercise intensely, train hard, and adventure harder. This review is all about why we love Hylete leggings, which styles are best for certain activities, and why Hylete is our go to store for activewear.

Hylete had me at Graced by Grit😜. I have dozens of reasons that I love all of Hylete’s Womens Apparel but in this review I want to start by making one clear statement, I am gritty.

I raise my kids to be gritty. Our travel is gritty. And I love that Hylete clothes allow me to live this gritty life while still looking fabulous.

I actually first discovered Hylete way back in 2012 when my husband went to a Personal Training Conference in our hometown of San Diego. Hylete was a new brand and they gave away their newly launched shorts and what eventually became a very famous backpack to all the attendees.

I remember being very impressed at the time but we weren’t “adventure travelers” quite yet and so, I didn’t pay enough attention to this up and coming brand.

Well, 2015 hit and our life propelled to full-blown grit. I’m talking dirtbag life to the fullest. Long days driving to get to epic hikes, days spent on the crag, flying all around the world to adventure destinations, and even a few classy days in cities like Paris, Barcelona, and Venice. Hylete was one of my go-to outfits for all of this.

We only carried small backpacks on our travels and I love that Hylete was functional for days hiking and climbing, but with a quick wash and shower, they’d transform me into the classy European city lifestyle.

Disclosure: Hylete has collaborated with us in order to conduct this review. This apparel was provided to us free of charge however the opinions expressed in this blog are, and always will be, truly our own.

Between my two daughters and I, we have a few different styles of Hylete leggings, tops, workout shorts, and sports bras. In this Hylete review, I’m going to share with you my favorite Hylete styles and which adventures they are best for.

Hylete Womens Leggings Review

Best Overall Hylete Leggings | Nimbus Tight + Capri

I’m going to cut to the chase and share the best overall pair of leggings Hylete has to offer.

First of all, none of our Hylete leggings disappoint but if you’re looking for the best all around pair, great for all sports and activities the Nimbus tights will go above and beyond.