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Idaho Ski Road Trip

Idaho Ski Road Trip: Boise to Spokane

Embark on an exhilarating Idaho ski road trip that traverses some of the state’s most stunning resorts. Starting from Tamarack and winding through Brundage before culminating at Schweitzer Ski Resort, this journey is a powder enthusiast’s dream. Idaho’s allure isn’t just about the incredible skiing; it’s the unspoiled landscapes and warm-hearted locals that make it extraordinary. The charm lies in the vast expanses of nature waiting to be explored, drawing adventure seekers year-round. Whether you’re carving through pristine slopes in winter or immersing yourself in the raw beauty during summer, Idaho’s diverse offerings extend far beyond its famed potatoes, promising an unforgettable experience in an untamed paradise.

Explore Idaho’s hidden ski gems like Tamarack, Brundage, and Schweitzer, unveiling the state’s untamed beauty in thrilling slopes.

Idaho Ski Road Trip From Boise to Sandpoint

We’ve road-tripped through Idaho many times in our 7 years of RV travel, but this was our first time to road trip through Idaho to ski. We did this on two different road trips but combined them here into one epic adventure.

Idaho Ski Resorts are Great For Full-Time RVers!

Experience ultimate convenience and adventure by RV camping at Brundage and Schweitzer, where both resorts offer free dry camping right at the base of the slopes. Being first on the runs and having the comfort of your rolling home for mid-day breaks is unbeatable. Just be prepared for icy conditions on the mountain roads leading to the parking lots and always have chains handy. Although Tamarack doesn’t allow overnight camping, Mountain View RV Park, located just minutes away, serves as an excellent alternative for a comfortable stay near the slopes.

rv parking Brundage Mountain Idaho
The free camping parking lot at Brundage and one of the many resorts in Idaho that allow RV camping

Idaho Ski Resorts Are Great For Families!

From a mom’s perspective, the thing I love most about Idaho ski resorts is that they are smaller and less crowded so I don’t worry about my kids getting lost. At these Idaho ski resorts, I can give them the green light to go play all day on their own and meet up at the truck at closing time.

Nearest Airports For This Idaho Ski Road Trip

If you don’t live close enough to drive to Idaho for this ski trip, you can easily fly into either Boise or Spokane airports.

Boise airport is only 2.5 hours from Tamarack Resort and from Spokane International, it is only 2 hours to Schweitzer Mountain Resort. If you choose to fly in or out of Boise, you may also want to check out Bogus Basin Ski Resort.

Idaho Ski Road Trip Map

Ski Tamarack Resort in Idaho For An All-Inclusive Feel

Runs at Tamarack Resort Idaho
Runs at Tamarack Resort Idaho

We first skied Tamarack, Idaho in December of 2020 and loved how easy of a resort it is for families. At the time, Victor and Tatiana were just learning to ski and they had a wonderful time on the Discovery Chair, which is a free learning area at Tamaracks, before moving on to the fun green run called Waltz.

While the 5 lifts accessing 50 trails of fun is enough of a reason to visit Tamarack, the thing I loved most about Tamarack Resort was the all-inclusive feel.

Village at Tamarack Resort
The Village at Tamarack only adds to the already cozy and intimate feel of the resort!

I liked that it was a short walk from the lodge to the village to grab coffee in the morning. The Village is right at the base of the lifts making it easy to take a mid-day break to grab food, warm up, or even do a little shopping.

Tamarack has been busy doing a lot of upgrades to the resort in the past few years, especially around its Village area. The Tamarack village is the highlight of visiting Tamarack for me.

Best of all, even though it is near Boise, it’s still Idaho, which means that even on the weekend it isn’t nearly as crowded as California, Utah, and Colorado resorts.

Condo lodging, Osprey Ldodge, Family Friendly lodge, family ski trip, Idaho
The comfy living and dining room at Tamarack Lodge

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We stayed in The Lodge at Osprey Meadows and loved having our full kitchen, huge fireplace, large dining table, balcony with incredible views, huge comfy bed, master bath with jacuzzi tub. Plus, they have a huge outdoor jacuzzi that was steamy hot!

Tamarack Resort, Osprey Lodge, Hot tub
The hot tub at Osprey Lodge is the perfect way to relax after a long day on the slope

Click here to see the Tamarack Resort Trail Maps.

Ski Brundage Resort and experience the Best Snow in Idaho

Brundage Ski resort, Idaho
Beautiful panoramic views on the summit of Brundage Mountain

Just 45 minutes north of Tamarack Resort, 10 minutes past McCall, and dead center of Idaho lies Brundage Resort.

Brundage Mountain, akin to Tamarack Resort, boasts 6 lifts and 70 trails. Exceptional snow quality, ample beginner runs, and a serene mountain experience stood out.

I like being immersed in nature and every time I stood at the summit of Brundage, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for being surrounded by 360 degrees of snowy peaks.

Safety First: Ensure you’re equipped with proper safety gear. Know the mountain’s safety guidelines and follow them diligently.
Brundage Mountain views

For me, I liked skiing Brundage the most on this Idaho ski road trip mainly because Tatiana, my youngest, and I are beginner to intermediate skiers and we felt like we had quite a few options for runs.

If you watch our YouTube video you’ll see that Tatiana fell in love with skiing after our last visit to Brundage. She had been a little hesitant to ski but the run “Bear” was the perfect amount of challenge for her to build her confidence up to start enjoying the sport.

Jiraiya, my more advanced skier, liked Brundage and said it was because he enjoyed that there were so many advanced blues and black diamonds to choose from.

Gabi and Isabelle both snowboarded and agreed that while the views were incredible and the options for runs made it so that they never got bored. One thing they did note is that there are quite a few catwalk sections that were hard to avoid while snowboarding.

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Brundage is a mere 20 minutes from McCall, a town of 4,000, with sparse civilization for hundreds of miles.

McCall, nestled by Payette Lake, captivates with its charm. Summer boating, year-round amenities at Brundage, and luxury camping beckon visitors.

Brundage Mountain Lodge
The base lodge at Brundage Mountain

As far as amenities go, there isn’t much on the mountain except for the restaurant with a few options but that is about to change.

Brundage’s 10-year plan involves ski-in/ski-out lodgings, a revamped base village, expanded terrain, and new lifts, promising Idaho’s premier snow experience.

Click here to see the Brundage Trail Maps.

Ski Schweitzer Mountain For A Luxury Vacation Feel Without The California Crowds

Schweitzer Mountain near Sandpoint Idaho
Cloud inversion seen from Schweitzer Mountain’s summit

Schweitzer Resort is in northern Idaho and a solid 6-and-a-half-hour drive from Brundage but only a 2-hour drive from Spokane Airport. On your way here you’ll pass through the posh town of Coeur de Alene and if you’ve never been here you’ll probably want to set aside a day to check it out.

With 2900 acres of terrain and an average of 300″ of annual snowfall, Schweitzer Resort is the largest ski area in Idaho (& Washington). Being much steeper than Tamarack and Brundage, it’s a great resort for advanced skiers who love steep groomers.

I love skiing Schweitzer because you get incredible views of Lake Pend Oreille below you and 360-degree views into Canada from the summit.

Idaho Ski Road Trip to Schweitzer

Like Tamarack, the Ski village has everything you need but I love the town of Sandpoint so much that I wouldn’t want to miss out on staying down in town to go out for food and drinks and do some shopping.

Sandpoint has my favorite ice cream shop, Panhandle, and I enjoyed the beer and burgers at Matchwood.

Check out Hermit’s Hollow at Schweitzer if skiing isn’t everyone’s preference or if tubing down packed snow sounds appealing.

For an affordable stay, consider Ruby’s Inn in Sandpoint. It offers an outdoor fireplace, indoor jacuzzi, pool, and a lobby pool table.

Click here to view the Schweitzer Resorts Trail Maps.

Lift Tickets for this Idaho Ski Road Trip

Full-Day Lift Tickets at Tamarack Resort: Adults $115, Teens 13-17 $75, Kids 7-12 $55.

If you are a beginner and just want to practice, the Discovery Chair lift free.

Full Day Lift Tickets at Brundage: Adults $80, Teens 13-17 $52, Kids 7-12 $34.

If you’re a beginner aiming for Tatiana’s beloved Bear area, it’s $34 for adults and teens and $22 for youth. For true beginners sticking to Easy Street for practice, it’s just $10 with a free magic carpet ride.

The Indy Ski Pass, priced at only $299, encompasses two days at both Brundage and Tamaracks resorts.

Full Day Lift Tickets at Schweitzer: Adults $95-110, Kids 7-17 $55-60.

A musical chair lift is only $25 and the magic carpet is free. Schweitzer is also part of the Ikon Ski Pass.

Summary of Idaho Ski Road Trip

Idaho ski resorts lack diversity in trails but excel in community spirit. Genuine connections and welcoming locals create a village-like ambiance, embracing visitors warmly.

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Heather Gebbia

Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

Hi, I'm glad I came across this post. We are also a fulltime RV family and have been for 7 years. We love skiing and have spent the last 3 winters in Breckenridge, but this year we decided to try Park City. Although we like those ski areas, we're looking for something smaller and less crowded for next year, and something not owned by Vail Resorts. We have been considering McCall for next winter and getting season passes for Tamarack and Brundage. Coming across your post I think sealed the deal that that's exactly what we should do next year. Thank you!

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