La Folie Douce, Where to Stay in Chamonix, France
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I didn’t know it was possible for a hotel to be badass, but after visiting La Folie Douce at the end of our Tour Du Mont Blanc adventure in the Alps, I’m currently in a state of awe at the perfectly thought out compilation of themes in the hotel and resort, La Folie Douce Hotel.

What brought us to Chamonix, France was not the famous ski resort (though we’re dreaming of coming back in the wintertime) but rather the other famous adventure of the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 100+ mile trail that travels through France, Italy, and Switzerland, around Mont Blanc Massif. It’s known as one of the most amazing backpacking trips in the world and after experiencing it ourselves, I totally agree. It’s a trip every mountain lover must do.

Now, the traditional start and endpoint for the Tour du Mont Blanc is Les Houches which is only a few miles away from Chamonix, France. It’s common for most backpackers to spend a few days in Chamonix before or after the tour to enjoy one of the most spectacular mountain towns in the world.

Chamonix exceeded my expectations but even more so, my experience staying at La Folie Douce Hotel went above and beyond my expectations.

La Folie Douce, Where to Stay in Chamonix, France
The gorgeous, historic palace-like exterior only adds to the creativity with it’s wild and modern de