Badassery, dirtbag, stoke, these are a few words that you’ll find often on our website.  But before you confuse us with troublemakers, sleezeballs, or think we are trying to add fuel to a fire, let’s take a look at how the Urban Dictionary defines these words, since obviously, the urban dictionary knows way more than Webster does these days 😜

Yes, stoke fuels our badassery and we are dirtbags to the core, with the exception that we actually work full time on this blog in order to inspire you to embrace some non-conformity in an attempt to pursue your dreams too.  
So if doing the seemingly impossible and spending your life chasing your purpose, and happiness and exhilaration sound epic to you to, then check out the resources below for some tips, inspiration, and how to knowledge to breaking free from what you’ve been told and start embracing what’s stirring inside.

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At some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve wanted to “fit in.” But by doing so, you prevent your deepest sense of self to shine through.  Everyone is different, but it’s a matter of embracing your weirdness and owning it that makes you a badass

Badassery Requires Adventure

Adventure is a crucial part of a life well lived.  Creating new experiences, new memories, and developing new skills will boost your happiness, make you more confident, and create self growth, the value of which is often overlook or undervalued.  I’m here to encourage you to adventure more, adventure bigger, and help you step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis.

“To be a badass you need equal parts vision and action. One without the other will either make you feel like a chicken with your head cut off or make you feel like your head is going to explode being stuck thinking what you want and never working towards it.”

Add More Adventure To Your Travels

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being pampered at a fancy resort, sleeping on high thread count sheets, running on a treadmill in an air-conditioned room, and fruity drinks by the pool are a great way to vacation. 

We weren’t always adventure travelers.  In fact, until our oldest child was eight years old, all we did was go to Kauai about once a year for our family vacations.  Kauai had, and always will have, a special place in our heart.  If a security question asked, “Where would you most want to have a vacation home?” the answer was easy…Kauai.   But then I changed, and I’ve never looked back.

Check out these blogs if you’re ready to for a different kind of travel.

resortist to adventure traveler
rv living + full time travel

Do you have a 5 year plan?

What about 10 year or just 6 month plan?  Hard question, right?  Well maybe not for a few overly driven souls, but most people I know tell me they are just surviving the day.  Or maybe you do have that bucket list going, but how confident are you that you’ll be checking things off it soon.

I’m here to make sure you don’t wait your entire life to do the things that you love.  You don’t have to downsize to an RV or sell all your belongings, but if that sounds fun, I can help you with that too.

But what I’m talking about here is called, Bhavana.

What’s Bhavana?

Bhavana is one of my favorite topics and a cornerstone element to this website because Bhavana is all about discovering your purpose and actually living it.

It’s about positively projecting your future, manifesting your purpose, inviting change, developing new skills, visualizing a new path, basically, putting the pieces of the puzzle together so that you wake up excited to start each day because you are on the path that just feels right. 

If this sounds like something you want more of in your life, read through my posts: What is Bhavana, Finding Your Bhavana, and Achieving Bhavana.

Do You Want To Raise Passionate Kids?

I’m  a bit extreme on this one and am the first to say, this is not for everyone.  But it was very important to me to raise passionate, persistent, and self driven kids.  Parenting is a gift but it’s also a choice and every day we get to decide how we want to influence our kid’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors.  After all, it’s who they are around , how they spend their days, and what they are being told is what will shape their future so I’m all about challenging them  through our sports and lifestyle to help them be adaptable, kind, and forward thinking.    Because I want them to believe in something and sacrifice for it in the same way a hard core climber would when projecting a route and sleeping out of their van, I call my weird approach to parenting “raising Dirtbags” and it’s something I hope to write more about as this blog grows.

fitness family

Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be

We have a motto, “Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be” and in our family this applies to the example Victor and I try to set in everything from the food choices we make, how we exercise  and practice self care, to how we interact with each other, relatives, and the world around us.  We mess up all the time, but having this motto quickly reminds us to act in a manner that we hope they will emulate.  Some of these tactics might actually be paying off as you can read more about in her posts about What it’s Like Being a Teenager Living This Lifestyle, how she has Overcome Entitlement,  why she loves Living Like A Vanlifer, and 10 Normal Things That Dirtbags Do That ARen’t Normal To Most People.

tips to improve adrenal function, Fitness + Nutrition

What inspires you?

I wasn’t always this brave. In fact, until about five years ago, I always made the responsible decision and lived in a blanket of fear. Well, maybe responsible is the wrong word, because if you ask me, this unconventional lifestyle that I’ve created to raise my five kids in is way more responsible. But yeah, not many years ago I pretty much followed conventionalism and didn’t have any interest in rocking the boat or standing out too much.

I remember stopping one day and looking around thinking Is This It? Is This The Goal? Is This My Dream?

Not that I didn’t love having a big family, it was just boring and felt more like a grind.  There was no stoke, only comfort. 

My curious mind started reaching for inspiration and these are the 25 Books That Changed My Life the most.

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