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Monkii Bars 2 and Pocket Monkii Review

Monkii Bars 2 and Pocket Monkii Review
Which would you rather do: Spend time doing what you love or spend time in a crowded gym? The Pocket Monkii and the Monkii Bars 2 make it easy and fun to workout outdoors, at home, or on the road, with no gym necessary

Not all of us like the gym but we do all need to work out. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer who hates the indoors, a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have time to go to the gym, or you spend a lot of time traveling and want to be able to stay fit on the road, Monkii was created for you. With either the Pocket Monkii or the Monkii Bars 2, you’ll find these products to be the perfect solution to spend less time in crowded gyms and more time doing the things that make you stoked.

Monkii is a bodyweight training equipment that is ultra-portable, feature-packed, and can provide insanely challenging workouts, designed by a company called Monkii (and yes, you might want to start swinging from the trees when you see how rad the Pocket Monkii and Monkii Bars 2 products are.)

Which would you rather do: Spend time doing what you love or spend time in a crowded gym? Personally, I’m not a fan of the box gyms so having workout options that I can do while traveling the US in my RV is a win for me. Plus, these workouts are highly effective and time efficient, which means less time working out and more time adventuring!

Improve Your Fitness

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Perfect For Passionate People

If you want the fountain of youth in pill form, stop reading now. But…

If you are passionate about something other than Taco Tuesday and have stoke worthy sports or hobbies you live for (that might possibly border on obsession), then you’ll definitely want to learn more about Monkii.

I know I don’t exactly fit the norm. I start most mornings in the ocean surfing or on a trail mountain biking or hiking, mixed in with some indoor or outdoor rock climbing, yoga, and running, but never weight training in the gym.

Size of the Pocket Monkii
Small and versatile, the Pocket Monkii is perfect for travelers who want to stay active on the road

I love being strong and fit, but honestly, I just don’t have enough motivation anymore to go do sets of military press and deadlifts.

Not that there is anything wrong with those movements, they are awesome, it’s just not fun or creative enough for me at this point in my life.

Sure, I’d love to get better at my sports but not enough to spend an hour of my day doing movements I don’t really enjoy in a place that I hate (hint: the gym).

The Biggest Reason I Love Monkii

When I first decided to review the Monkii Bars 2 and Pocket Monkii, I was a little reluctant because I didn’t know if it would “spark enough joy” for me. I have this attachment to waking up excited to start each day and I was worried this might feel like a chore.

As I took everything out of the box I thought What did I just sign myself up for?

Luckily, I did 2 things.

1. I called my wonderful husband and had him assemble the straps for me and show me how to anchor it. But I’ll admit (and you can see in the video at the bottom) I was being overly dramatic. It’s really really easy to set up. See #2

2. I downloaded the app. Wow! This is what hooked me on their program. The App is so well done. For a semi-ADHD personality like myself, who likes to jump around between workout programs, I love how much flexibility and creativity is built into the exercises and workouts.

Seriously, there are over 300 workouts on the App.

Working out with Monkii Gear
Working out with the Monkii is a no brainier with their easy and interactive map that provides hundreds of exercises

Every single exercise is demonstrated on the App in the Workouts–All Movements section.

  • If you’ve been on hiatus from working out, the 21-Day Habit workouts might be just what you need to get back on track.
  • If your ego tends to make all the decisions, then you will definitely want to start with the 36-day Monkii Challenge.
  • And those of you who think multitasking should be an Olympic event, you should try the Lifehacker section for the maximum combo of efficiency and effectiveness.

And for all you auditory learners (thanks for reading this far btw), there is a huge library of video tutorials with everything from set up, HIIT training, and isolated body part workouts to creatively designed workouts specifically for road trips, pre-flight, yoga, stretching, and so much more.

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And if you are worried about setup, all you have to do is watch video tutorials on the setup which you can find by opening the Videos section of the App, and voila, your indoor and outdoor setup videos will be the first thing you see. You can also watch our YouTube video below for a quick rundown on how to set up indoors and outdoors.

They Had Me At The Oath

I’m not going to be a spoiler but let me just say, when you open the box and read the 5 steps of the Monkii Oath, you too will be uber-excited to join the cult of hyperactive, wildness-obsessed souls who think living a stoked and fulfilling life is almost as badass as reaching going for a swim in an ice-cold, alpine lake reached via 10+ grueling miles of hiking.

Monkii Is More Than A Workout

This might come as a surprise but not everyone I know supports my commitment to actively pursuing my adventure. I don’t mind being judged for the fact that I find more happiness in an ever-changing front door than in a mortgage payment, but sometimes it’s nice to surround myself with like-minded souls.

Opening the Monkii box, seeing the oath, and reading stories of other adventurers all made me feel like I found my tribe.

But you don’t have to be a full-time adventure-seeking, gym-hating dirtbag like me in order to turn Monkii.

Who Monkii is for
Monkii is for the Adventures, the city dwellers, the dream chasers, the mamas, the 30-somethings, and most of all, the gym haters…and we love that

Some days I’m just a mom with a super long to-do list, responsibilities, and (I hate to say it) a schedule. If you have to succumb to the grind of modern society, this one piece of equipment could be the one part of your routine that keeps you motivated and inspired to plan and book your next adventure.

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And as a bonus, just think of all that money you save on gym fees that you can use towards overpriced avocado toast, lavender charcoal latte with oat milk, or another $8 pour of your favorite brew.

It’s More Than Intensity

I’ll admit, after a few weeks of Monkiiing around, what I like most about my Monkii Bars is how much I use it for stretching.

Personally, I spend way too much time doing my sports and have to spend an equal amount of time on prehab.

Chest opener with the Pocket Monkii
Doing a chest opener with the Pocket Monkii, one of the many stretching movements you can do with Monkii gear

While there are days when I’ll do my Monkii-dados and Monkii complexes, most of the time you’ll find me hanging out in a chest stretch while staring at the ocean, forest, or mountains in my campsite.

Which Monkii Should You Buy

Monkii Bars 2 is their best-selling product for a good reason. It’s everything you need to stay fit and flexible.

From the super strong, yet comfortable, powder-coated aluminum handles to the highly durable and wear-resistant webbing and easy-adjusting bomber buckles, this is a product that was built to last.

If health, fitness, and wellness is a high priority to you, you really don’t need anything more than this one piece of equipment. And…they come in 7 different colors to match your favorite Lulu lemon shorts 🙂

Monkii Bars 2 product
The Monkii Bars 2 come in 6 different colors

If you do get the Monkii Bars 2, you really should consider also getting the Monkii 360 Core Trainer to add more functional movements to your workouts. After all, the ability to tie in the upper body and the lower body through the use of the obliques is critical to human movement AKA perfect to improve athletic performance. Plus, there’s an entire section on the App dedicated to helping you meet your rotational needs.

For myself, I’m excited to add the new Neon Buffalo workout bag to diversity to my Monkii workouts. It gives you so many options for adding powerful movements without the clumsiness of barbells or the awkwardness of kettlebells. Check out the what I’m talking about in this video.

The Pocket Monkii is really small and the perfect option if you see yourself using it on the go or while traveling. It is really amazing how simple the doorway setup is.

Monkii stands firm behind their products and has a 30-day no questions asked 100% MONKII BACK GUARANTEE plus free lifetime repair or replacement.

A Monkii A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

In all seriousness, I care about your health and the reality is that most people don’t spend nearly enough time outside.

At the very least, buy yourself a Pocket Monkii, invite a friend to the beach, park, or forest and get your booty outside breathing in all that great O2.

If you happen to do a few Wild Monkii Complexes then know that I’m sending you a spiritual high five.

Overall Monkii Review

Monkii Pros:

Besides the amazing features that I’ve summed up below, the reason I will continue on my Monkii quest is that I believe movement is the key to our future success and Monkii is just one more way to keep me motivated to move my body aggressively, dynamically, compassionately, and wildly.

If that is too deep of a reason for you and you just want to “workout”, you can’t go wrong with Monkii products because they:

  • Allow you to take your workouts with you wherever you go.
  • Are super easy to set up.
  • Have an awesome app with a huge variety of movements.
  • Give you videos that are simple and easy to follow.
  • Even if you’re hardcore, I promise this will still be challenging enough for you.
  • Pocket Monkii is great for travelers because it is just so compact.

Monkii Cons:

  • 250 lb limit. If you happen to be a big guy (or gal) I don’t recommend getting this.
  • The independent system requires more stability so some beginners might find it too shaky.

Now, if you are pumped and ready to be part of the Monkiifesto but just can’t afford to buy Monkii gear yet, that’s cool, Monkii gets it. That’s why they have a rad tutorial on how you can make your own Monkii Bars.

I hope this inspired you to train hard, be rad, keep adventuring, and to never settle. Grab life by the tail and get moving. Follow our adventures on Instagram @nomadswithapurpose and share your #monkii adventures.

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