photos to inspire the Tour du Mont Blanc
These 35 will inspire you to hop on a plane and go tackle the Tour du Mont Blanc trek

The Tour du Mont Blanc is an iconic backpacking trip that every experienced hiker dreams of tackling. Located at the crossroads between France, Italy, and Switzerland in the heart of the Alps, Mont Blanc is surrounded by sharp jagged peaks on all sides and from the vantage point of the Tour du Mont Blanc, you’ll receive the views of these mountains from their best angles.

The 105 mile (170 km) Tour du Mont Blanc trail itself gains more total elevation than climbing Mount Everest (33,000 feet) and circumnavigates the Mont Blanc Massif, traveling through all 3 countries, and delivering the most spectacular views of the stunning mountain group.

It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful backpacking trips in the world.

Compared other famous treks like Patagonia, what sets the Tour du Mont Blanc apart is the luxurious eating opportunities. You can eat fresh chocolate croissants while staring at Mont Blanc, snack on baguettes all day, and finish your day in Italy with risotto, tiramisu, and amazing wine.

To be honest, going into the Tour du Mont Blanc I was excited but I really had no idea it was going to be as beautiful as it actually was. I partly owe it to the fact that while I was researching, there weren’t places where I could find good photos.

While I do hope these photos inspire you to go do the Mont Blanc trek, I promise you that these photos are nothing compared to experiencing it firsthand.

Honestly, how can I even begin to explain the raw and rugged perfection of the Tour du Mont Blanc?

It’s more than a mountain. More than a geographic feature. More than a circuit. More than a tour. More than a trek.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a discovery of reality. It reconnects you with the raw and the real, the energy that makes up everything in world. It’s a discovery of new possibilities in oneself.

You do things you never thought you could do. See things you never thought you’d see. You meet incredible people you never knew existed.

I’ve experienced a whole lot of adventures but I’m pretty sure nothing will ever be able to top the Tour Du Mont Blanc. Pictures will do little to capture the walking on the moon feelings this trek fulfills.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a grand display of energy and the mountain itself the most giving in its supply. It fills your soul and ripples through the towns, communities, and refuges.

Too poetic? Sorry.

If that description hasn’t convinced you yet, let these 25 photos of the Tour du Mont Blanc be your motivation to book a plane a ticket and start planning your epic TMB adventure!

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Photos to Inspire You to Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc

1 | The Town of Chamonix

The Tour is beautiful before you even begin the trek. Chamonix is no doubt one of the greatest mountain towns on Earth.

Chamonix, France
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2 | Amazing meals all along the Tour du Mont Blanc

Seriously, where else in the world can you snack on croissants, cake, crepes, omelettes, soup, quiche, and local wine whilst staring at the jagged mountain peaks.

3 | Refuges are just so darn beautiful

Reasons to love reufges:

  • Hot showers
  • Cozy beds
  • You get to eat the best food imaginable
  • You’re living like a king while being on an epic mountainside and being greeted with incredible views

4 | Tent views at Refuge de la Balme

Is it a dream for you to be sitting in a tent with a view like this? Sleeping in a tent beneath a mountain in a remote destination isn’t on everybody’s bucket list but for us, it’s what we live for and this first night on the Tour du Mont Blanc was surreal.

Tent view from Chalet Refuge de la Balme on the Tour du Mont Blanc stage 2
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5 | The grand finale: Stage 11 of the Tour du Mont Blanc

No doubt one of the greatest views of the entire Tour Du Mont Blanc lies in the glorious section of Stage 11. The classic route saves the best for last but when we woke to a perfectly sunny day in Chamonix, we couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to see it ourself.

6 | A brief moment of flat terrain, Stage 2

Nope, not the Dolomites but it’s darn close.

Stage 2 from Les Contamines to Les Chapieux, TMB

7 | Mont Blanc is pretty in pictures, but purely breathtaking in real life

A perfect view of Mont Blanc and a little perspective into just how massive this peak is.

8 | Absolutely surreal, a reflection at Lac Combal

One of the most iconic spots on the whole TMB. If you get lucky with a calm, sunny day, the reflection in pond is out of this world

Stage 4 of Tour du Mont Blanc

9 | An unforgettable camping experience on Col de la Balme

Perched on the border of France and Switzerland, this mountain pass is a gateway to the fairytale views of the Chamonix Valley.

10 | Col de la Seigne, the border from France to Italy

Italy’s a drama queen and the second you cross Col de la Seigne, it shows in its sharp peaks.

11 | Getting intimate with the Alps, Stage 4

Stage 4 was easily our favorite stage of the whole Tour du Mont Blanc. The Alps are up in your face and intimate. It’s incomparable to any other hike I’ve done.