Shoulder Prehab Exercises

If you know me, you know that I abuse my shoulders on a daily basis.  Most days I’m either surfing or rock climbing followed by an obsene amount of hours behind my computer (blogging is a hard business 😜).  My shoulders are a mess.  But they serve me well and I get a lot of joy out of the sports they allow me to perform so in return, I spend a lot of time giving them love back in the form of these prehab shoulder exercises.

What are Prehab Shoulder Exercises?

Prehab shoulder exercises are designed to improve your range of motion in the rotator cuffs, pecs, and lats so that your shoulders can move more freely and so that you can maintain proper alignment in your activities.

This prehab shoulder routine also focuses on bringing up the smaller or often ignored muscle groups, especially in the mid-back, that are responsible for anchoring your shoulder blades to keep the proper alignment in your posture and better range of motion in the shoulders.

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Prehab Shoulder Exercise Routine

A lot of shoulder pain comes from tightness in the chest and weakness in the mid and upper back.  By addressing these two issues, you can often fix a lot of shouder issues or at least keep them from becoming major issues.

For the most part, this prehab shoulder routine consists of alternating a stretch with a strengthening movement.

Always remember to hold good posture with the shoulders drawn away from the ears.

Tip for improving your shoulder rehab exercise routine:

Start off your rehab shoulder routine with breathwork.  I like to spend 5 minutes before I start this routine with a block or towel under my mid-back and my arms extended out to the side while slowing down my breath and relaxing.  

Equipment needed for this shoulder prehab routine:

We use this band for the exercises, but any form of light tubing should be fine.

How long do I hold the stretch?

Hold each of the stretches for 1-3 minutes while working on deepening your breath and remember to have good posture when doing the exercises.

A lot of shoulder pain stems from poor posture so remember to line up the ears with the shoulders, draw the scapula down and slightly together, and keep the neck long.

Shoulder Prehab Workout

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1 | Chest Opener