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Fit To Climb 1-to-1 Coaching


One-on-one personalize rock climbing coaching for those who are ready to start rock climbing, feel fearless on lead, or project harder routes.


Are you new to climbing or are your ready to take your rock climbing to the next level? Are you ready to feel fearless on lead? Is there a climb you want to project? Are you ready to travel to new climbing destinations but you aren’t sure if you are ready for harder climbs?

We Will Help You Achieve Your Rock Climbing Goals!

In this 6 week program, you will work with Victor and Gabi and take your rock climbing to the next level!

Victor has been a strength and conditioning coach for 30 years and will make sure your physical body is in optimal conditioning and help you prevent injuries.

Gabi is a mindset coach and will help you overcome self limiting beliefs that are preventing you from climbing without fear.

Can’t afford one on one? No worries. You can split the cost of your training with 1 or 2 other people to bring the price down to $450 or $300 each.


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