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Fit To Hike


Get Stronger. Hike Further. Recover Faster.

  • Learn how to fix current injuries from hiking and prevent them from happening in the future
  • Anti rotational exercises to maximize speed on the trail
  • Gain gluteal strength to propel yourself efficiently without knee injuries
  • Create an aerobic base so you get less winded on the ascents
  • Workout programs to gain a more an ideal strength to weight ratio
  • Pre-hab to improve range of motion and prevent postural aches on long hikes

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Do you have a bucket list hike you are wanting to tackle this season? Do you dream of standing on secluded mountain peaks, traversing rugged ranges, circumnavigating the wild, and tackling strenuous treks?

Or maybe you’re new to hiking and you need a complete program that will address your aches and pains and also get you in shape to hike in a realistic and effective format.

Fit To Hike makes it easier than ever to reach that peak & enjoy the outdoors!


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