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Fit To Surf 1-to-1 Coaching


One-on-one personalize surf fitness (& mindset if needed) coaching for those who are ready to start surfing, currently surf but want to take their skills to the next level, or are getting older and want to be able to continue surfing for years or decades more.


Are you new to surfing or has it been awhile since you’ve surfed? Are you ready to paddle into the ocean but not sure if you are strong enough to deal with the currents and getting past the whitewash? Is there a surf trip on your bucket list that you are dying to check off? Are you eager to get out in the lineup but you just aren’t sure if you are ready physically and mentally ready for it yet?

We Will Help You Achieve Your Surfing Goals!

Robyn & Victor have been personal trainers for almost 30 years and they know the exact workout formula to get you fit to surf or to take your surfing fitness to the next level.

In just 6 weeks, they will get you in surfing shape with a complete one-on-one coaching protocol that will heal your injuries, prevent new injuries, improve cardio, lose weight if needed, and create functional strength in the right muscle groups so that you feel good while surfing.

Can’t afford one on one? No worries. You can split the cost of your training with 1 or 2 other people to bring the price down to $300 or $450 each.


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