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A Playful Life: Think, Move, & Eat Your Way To More Fun, Ebook


Ready to learn new adventure sports? Do you want to make fun and play the way you stay fit and healthy?

Is going to the gym or running to “stay in shape” not your thing?

I’m Robyn and while I do still go to the gym or for a run occasionally, it is not the focus of how I stay healthy and lean.

Instead, I live in search of adventure in the outdoors. I hike, rock climb, surf, mountain bike, ski, and in pursuit of flow state, I’ve created more health, more fitness, and more fun in my life.

This book doesn’t teach you  how to do those sports though.

What this book teaches you is how to have an adventurous and empowered mindset, how to workout so that you have a body that is ready to tackle new adventures, and how to eat in a way that will not only boost your performance, but will also keep you lean, strong, and healthy.



In A Playful Life, Robyn gives you all the pieces of the puzzle and tells you how to put it all together. She uses stories and experiences to convey her own journey and puts together a plan to help you find your balance and rediscover your why.

Our society has never had as many food choices as we do now, and yet we are suffering from food-based illnesses in numbers never seen.

We are stressed and exhausted, living on fast forward but never quite accomplishing all we want.

Do you feel confused about what exercises to do and what to eat?

Do you find yourself going from one diet to another, never making any progress?

Have you lost some of your zest for life?


This book will give you what you need to take back your health and life by teaching you how to balance fitness and wellness

  • Exercise so that you can enjoy life
  • Get the right foods into your body
  • Empower you to chase your dreams
  • Be a strong, healthy woman
  • Be the best version of you.


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