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Reignite The Passion


Staying in a relationship can have a lot of challenges. If you want access to all the tools we use to help couples find excitement, joy, and connection in their relationships, then this program is for you. Reignite the passion will help you and your partner find the fire and passion again.



We are on this earth for a short period of time and we believe your relationship should help you achieve great growth and happiness. However, most couples tend to settle over time.
Why? Because couples look around and see everyone hustling, grinding out life and growing more distant and just assume that this it how it is supposed to be. 
Couples tell themselves…
  1. This is the norm.
  2. Don’t rock the boat.
  3. It’s selfish to wanting more connection & fun.
  4. My partner will never change. 
  5. This is better than being alone.
If this resonates with you, we understand. Relationships take work and we are lucky that we decided to Defy the Norm and discover that there is a way to stay in a committed relationship for many decades and still keep the passion and zest for life (and it doesn’t require living in an RV either).
You deserve an amazing relationship! You deserve love, passion and support! That’s why we decided to create a solution for all the couples who are struggling to find that connection again.
You can do this yourself, the informations is readily available, but good coaching will speed up your learning curve and help you overcome problems that you can’t see. This high level guidance will help you avoid the common pitfalls that end up leading to divorce or separation. 
If you are tired of always being upset, feeling unheard, sad, let down, or bored in your relationship this course is for you.
Our ONE ON ONE couples coaching will provide you and your partner a step by step guide to help you:
  1. Better understand yourself and your partner
  2. Create effective communication so you feel heard and understood.
  3. Find common goals and visions.
  4. Improve your health so you have more clarity & energy.
We want you to be passionate about each other and for it to never go away! 
This is not “talk therapy.” While that can be useful for some, we’ve been coaching individuals for almost 3 decades and see how talking about your problems only deepens the rut in your brain. Our coaching program revolves around helping you move forward in your relationship with actual steps that bring you closer together. 
If you are ready to grow the relationship that you have always dreamed of, then it is time to get started. Join Robyn and Victor for 6 weeks of individualized coaching as we unpack the issues you might be experiencing and teach you highly effective solutions that will Reignite the Passion in your relationship. 


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