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Push Pin Travel Maps: The Best Gift for Travelers

Best gift for travelers: Push Pin Travel Maps

Four years ago, I had no idea that I was about to become a world traveler.  Honestly, the idea hadn’t ever entered my mind.  But then, we downsized our life and started roaming.  Before I knew it, we had visited over 30 countries and with each one our wanderlust grows.  That’s when I became so excited to get a Push Pin Travel Map to display all the amazing cities and countries we have visited in the past few years. Here’s why s=”yoast-text-mark”>=””>Push Pin Travel Maps are the best gift for travelers…

Push Pin Travel Maps

So Many Different Color Options

These maps come in every color combo from bright rainbow colors to deep earthy tones.  When we remodeled our RV, we decided to make this map a centerpiece in our new and improved home so we went with Earth Tones for the neutrality of it plus we thought it would pop on our white walls.  I was amazed by how vibrant even one of the darker color schemes of the Earth Tones was. There is color in every room and every one of these maps is beautiful.  The challenge won’t be in finding a color to match, it will be trying to pick a color because they’re all so amazing.

Push Pin Travel Maps: Best Gift for Travelers

Past AND Future Travels

I love that Push Pin Travel Maps come with three different colored pins and a legend.  These are customizable but popular options are “past travels,” “plans,” and “favorite places.” Another way to customize these is “His travels,” and “Her travels.” We went with the first option and I love that I can place pins for my future travels (because don’t we all just love to daydream about traveling).

Best Gift for Travelers: Push Pin Travel Maps

Incredible Attention to Detail

When deciding on our map we were unsure how detailed the maps would be.  The photos on the Push Pins Travel Maps website are amazing but it doesn’t do justice to how incredible the details are in person.  When the map arrived, I was blown away when I saw the map filled with dozens and dozens of cities, borders, and amazing shading between countries.

For National or International Travel

We chose to get a world map since we’ve traveled to so many countries, but I wish we had the wall space (which we don’t considering we live in our RV) to also hang a USA Canvas Wrapped Map to display all the cities and mountains we’ve been to within the United States. The maps also come in versions for the Caribbean, Europe, and all of North America.

Best Gift for Travelers

Lightweight or Canvas Style

Whether or not you have a huge wall to frame your past adventures, there is a push-pin travel map to fit your needs. These travel maps come in either paper-thin type versions (which are pre-framed when bought) or full-size canvas-wrapped frames.  The thin ones are cheaper and more versatile whereas the canvas is absolutely beautiful.  The canvas also comes in either framed canvas style or wrapped canvas style.  We chose to go with the wrapped canvas style and were not disappointed.  It looks stunning up on our RV’s white walls and we are very happy with our decision to pay more for the canvas.

Best Gift for Travelers: Push Pin Travel Maps


And the final reason we LOVE our Push Pin Travel Map is the personal touch. You can choose between 6 different formatting options and enter your first name, family name, and/or even Est. year.  As if a framed map of your travels isn’t already a rad thing to have, the customization makes it feel truly personal.


  • Beautiful color schemes
  • Incredible details
  • National or international travel
  • Past and future travels
  • Personalization


  • Pricey

Click here to shop travel maps by Push Pin Travel Maps

Push Pin Travel Maps

Got questions about Push Pin Travel Maps? Let us know in the comments below!


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Best gift for travelers: Push Pin Travel Maps

Disclaimer: This travel map was provided to us by Push Pin Travel Maps to create this review however the opinions expressed in this blog are, and always will be, TRULY our own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.