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Self-Care Tips for Each of the 9 Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine types. These 9 types are named numbers 1-9. Your enneagram type is dictated by your childhood wound (also known as childhood programming). In this blog, we are sharing the best self-care tips for each enneagram to help you be your most balanced self.

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The Enneagram provides insight into your childhood programming and reflects your unmet childhood needs, your core desire, and the fear that drives your thoughts and behaviors. There are 9 common beliefs and fears you could end up with. Thus, the 9 enneagram types.

Ahh, The Enneagram. How this freaky circle with lines in it completely changes your life. Is it for the better or worse? I don’t know. Nothing makes you question your entire life as much as personality tests do (or maybe that’s just me? 🤷‍♀️). Don’t know your Enneagram? Try our fun quiz.

In a busy and fast-paced world, it’s hard to set aside time to practice all the self-care we know we need. At the same time, we know that’s not a good enough reason to avoid sending our body and mind the love it needs.

Plus, what you need and what works best for you isn’t necessarily what I need most to thrive and feel balanced.

That’s why we decided to write up a cheat sheet for each enneagram as a reminder to prioritize the type of self-care that your type needs most. Pin this image below to reference later!

self care for each enneagram
Self-care for each enneagram…Don’t forget to PIN THIS!

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Self-Care for Enneagram Type 1

Self-Care Priority: Be spontaneous and allow imperfection to flourish. Refresh your morning routine.

We love you for being the one who makes sure everything is perfect but we want to make sure that the tendency for perfection isn’t stressing you out.

In growth, you become like the carefree Type 7, more spontaneous and easy-going, so for your self-care, try doing something fun without attachment to perfection.

Enneagram 1s, try these self-care tips: Invite friends over to try a new recipe, go for a run, or try learning something new.

Don’t be like the panda. It doesn’t have to be the perfect 5-star meal.

Types of ones are known for suppressing their anger and can benefit a ton from journaling. Try to write in-depth about what you’re feeling every day as well as write down your victories! Chances are, you’ve done more than you give yourself credit for.

Being so on top of everything can be exhausting so create a sleep schedule that gives you the rest you need.

Pro Tip: Listen to Nobody’s Perfect by Hannah Montana

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 2

Self-Care Priority: Sit and enjoy nature and find something enjoyable to do just for you.

We love all your help and kindness but make sure your actions are out of love and not a desire for affirmation.

You tend to self-sacrifice and always help others in hopes that they will do the same for you. Try to give without attachment to reciprocation.

Enneagram 2s, try this self-care tip: Try journaling. Write down what you did do for people and if you did it out of love rather than hoping for affirmation. Also, make an effort to do a daily check-in and ask yourself “What do I need today?”

See if you can make time to do things that support yourself and fill your tank every day.

Maybe buy yourself some cookies 😉

Remember, in health, you take on the qualities of a Type 4 by becoming more self-nurturing. See if you can set aside time for a creative project where you can express yourself.

The goal is to start making time for the things that make you happy and set boundaries so you can serve the people you love without resentment.

Lastly, Type 2’s can benefit a lot from sitting and admiring nature.

Pro Tip: Listen to No by Megan Trainor

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 3

Self-Care Priority: Get in your element and embrace your true self. Make time to sit down and watch a movie with a friend.

You are awesome for doing it all and we see how hard you work but we want you to know that you are allowed to relax and let loose a little.

As a 3, you’re all about getting it done and finding success, but life is about balance. For your self-care, try to embrace some of the amazing qualities of Type 6, like authenticity, self-acceptance, and trust.

Enneagram 3s, try these self-care tips: Spend time in your element. Plan an active, work-free, weekend getaway. Keep a feelings journal. Write down mantras reminding yourself that you are good enough just as you are.

Did you know you may actually be able to get MORE done if you take care of yourself?

Threes tend to be workaholics and benefit from taking a tech cleanse. Try eating a meal without distractions.

You are always trying to change and chameleonize yourself to everyone’s liking. To help you embrace who you are, unfollow anyone on social media who brings you down.

Pro Tip: Listen to Come as You Are by Nirvana

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 4

Self-Care Priority: Declutter a drawer or closet and make your exercise fun and creative.

All the creativity and idealism you bring to the world is incredible but you tend to make yourself sad with this idealism you have because the present is never as good as the one you’ve dreamed up in your mind.

In growth, you take on the good traits of Type 1, making you better at structuring your day, being present, organized, and motivated to action. Practice the healthy trait of organization and clean out a closet or organize a room.

Enneagram 4s, try this self-care tip: Write a gratitude list every night so you can remember all the things you love about your life.

Remember to write down even the small things in life your grateful for. Hopefully your list ism’t too small

Become more present by starting a new daily exercise routine that you find fun.

Write out how you ideally want your day to go and see if there are any small steps you can take to achieve it. 

Creativity and expression are very important to your personality type, You must have a daily creative outlet where you can be fully expressive in who you are.

Pro Tip: Stop listening to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and Creep by Radiohead for a little while. See if it lightens your mood!

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 5

Self-Care Priority: Be a little more social and keep your goals tangible. Write down 5 things you love in your life.

Thank you Type 5’s for always having all the facts and knowledge for everything but we want you to know that you are safe and capable without it.

When you do take care of yourself, you become anxious, stingy, isolated, and judgmental, but we want to bring out the healthy qualities of the Type 8. For your self-care, practice being more curious, self-confident, engaging, and feel abundant.

Having a friend who brings out the goofiness in you helps

Make time to do activities that support these qualities every day like decluttering a space, rather than hoarding in fear of not having enough.

Type 5’s can benefit a lot from dynamic exercise. Try yoga, boxing, or Thai Chi.

Type fives, you are in their heads 24/7. To not spin circles, work on making small reachable goals.

Enneagram 5s, try this self-care tip: Start socializing more by finding a running partner, starting a conversation with someone at your yoga class, or even just joining a book club.

That’s not to say though that you should drain your social battery. To do this, see if you can make time to clear your mind and do 15 minutes of meditation daily.

Pro Tip: Listen to Come On Be Happy by Montana

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 6

Self-Care Priority: Set mantras to soothe anxiety. Find a calming hobby. Lose yourself in a good book.

You are all about making sure everything is safe but we want you to allow yourself to relax and feel peace and calm.

Remember, you tend to check the safety of everything before you move into action. Try to make an effort to balance your safety checks with your anxiety checks.

Harness the spirit of this cat for better relaxation

For your self-care, we want to help you embrace the traits of Type 9 by becoming more optimistic, relaxed, and productive.

Enneagram 6s, try this self-care tip: Make time to write down daily mantras that soothe your anxiety, meditate to recognize negative thought patterns and clear your mind, and walk outside every day.

Type 6s need hobbies or tasks that bring them peace of mind. To exercise this maybe plan a vacation to one of your favorite places or into nature, spend time with people who you’ve known the longest and trust, or start a fun project with no deadline.

Pro Tip: Listen to Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 7

Self-Care Priority: Allow negativity and silence to reside with your fun-loving spirit and take time to notice your emotions every so often. Stay home alone for one day without distractions.

We all love love LOVE your positivity, enthusiasm, and spontaneity but for your self-care, you must learn to handle the negativity the world naturally brings.

Type 7’s, we want to help you break your habit of avoiding negativity at all costs by becoming a little more like a Type 5. In health, you become more satisfied, spiritually grounded, and stable.

Embrace the negativity life surrounds you with.

Enhance these qualities by starting new and exciting healthy habits, creating a morning or nightly routine without pressure to maintain it, and set a timer for doing those tasks you dread. 

Type 7’s can also benefit a lot from listening to music that provokes emotion.

Try vocalizing your struggles with someone or write down the negative emotions you’re feeling when they come up.

And hey, we get that you don’t like being alone or bored, but maybe try doing something that makes you embrace silence for 30 minutes every day.

Pro Tip: Listen to Hurt by Johnny Cash to practice embracing negativity

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 8

Self-Care Priority: Chill out, relax, and practice compassion.

Your intensity and challenging nature are inspiring and awesome but make sure you take the time to cool down before you overheat.

In growth, you become like a Type 2, compassionate, rested, and caring. To bring out these qualities in yourself, start by doing things that promote rest.

Resist the urge to get a little work done while you’re resting.

Take a myofascial release class, get a massage, sleep in one day a week.

Practice going out of your way to show compassion. Cancel unnecessary and stressful plans. Go on a working vacation where you can focus on just one project,

While it’s good to have sufficient strength, you do not have to wear a suit of armor your entire life. Practice emotional vulnerability and recognizing your feelings past your anger.

Finding ways to make you more present and in the moment will help you feel better. Try a new yoga class, whether it’s hot yoga or restorative it’s beneficial for your type. Make sure you are getting time alone in your flow state. Take the time to notice the details of your surroundings occasionally.

Pro Tip: Listen to Love Train by the O’jays or Ordinary Human by One Republic

Self-Care for Enneagram Type 9

Self-Care Priority: Make small decisions regularly to help you learn more about your likes and dislikes. Make yourself a healthy meal. Start a one-week detox.

We thank you for your easygoing nature and peaceful soul but we want you to know that it is okay to assert yourself and choose a path.

In growth, you take on the ambitious Type 3, becoming more self-assured and efficient.

For your self-care, start some projects that sound like fun, get a planner so you can manage your time, and get outside and into nature

You have a habit of not asserting your desires in fear of destroying the peace and connections you have, start doing things that you want to do. Start a new and creative hobby or go on a small adventure.

The adventure you choose doesn’t have to be all extremely hard or dangerous for it to count.

Maintain a connection to the body by finding a form of exercise that you love such as yoga, stretching, running, and a 30-day workout challenge. Enhance that sense of peace by doing a closet purge or organizing a spot that’s been bothering you. Just make sure not to get too carried away and busy yourself by cleaning everything.

Keeping everything peaceful and harmonious is exhausting.  Start a morning or nightly routine to soothe your mind, do a chakra meditation to help build your energies, and journal daily about how you feel.

It’s important for you to also feel a sense of belonging. Make time to hang out with a friend and be willing to share your anger or frustrations.  

Start asserting yourself with small requests like “Can you get me that book from the other room?” or “What do you think of this thing I made?”

Pro Tip: Listen to I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty (Check out our Music For Each Chakra Blog)


I hope the humor in this blog added a little laughter to your day. No matter what your Enneagram is, we can all use fresh air, healthy food, exercise, and a good laugh. Check out all our health and self-growth blogs and join us in Be The Hero Academy, where we help you live your best life and better connect with the people you love.

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