Ski Trip Pack List: Essential Gear for Skiing or Snowboarding

Whether you’re traveling an hour or 10 hours for your next ski or snowboarding trip, you’ll want to make sure don’t forget any of the essential gear. How terrible would it be to arrive at the Ski Resort and you forgot your mittens or your neck gaiter or your GoPro you really wanted to film with. This list will help you pack everything you need to have a rad time on the slopes and in town.


Ski Jacket – While a good ski jacket isn’t the most important piece of gear for riding, a good jacket can make a huge difference in your comfort on the mountain. Columbia isn’t the highest quality outdoor brand ever but I’m really impressed with their products, especially considering the price. I really like this Alpine Action Columbia jacket which comes in mens, womens, and kids styles. Make sure to pack a jacket that suits the weather where you’re headed. Though it’s better to be on the warm side, if you’re headed into the 30s, you might want something with layers you can strip down.

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Decked out in full Columbia gear: The Bugaboo pants and Alpine Action jacket

Ski Pants – Ski pants are absolutely essential (unless you want to look like a jerry). I have the Columbia Bugaboo pants and I’m really happy with their warmth, comfort, waterproofness plus they’re flattering and not too baggy.

Base Layers – Base layers are probably the most important part of staying warm. We use Columbia base layers as well as REI base layers.

Ski Trip Pack List: Essential Gear for Skiing or Snowboarding
Staying toasty warm with every layers from socks to base layers and wind shells

Ski Socks + Cozy Socks – We love our Stance socks whether we’re skiing or snowboarding and afterward it’s nice to have a pair of clean, cozy socks to chill in or to slip on with some boots when you head into town.

Gloves + Mittens – I highly recommend having both of these, not one or the other. Hands get cold easily and layering up with thin gloves before sliding on your mittens makes a difference. I like having gloves that work on touch screen so I don’t have to take off both my gloves to check my phone. On the other hand, I love toasty warm, insulated mittens to go on top like these Columbia ones.

Neck Gaiter or Face Mask – One again, better to be on the safe side than be cold on the slopes. Powder days, windy days, or just straight up cold days call for face warmth. Go for the full face mask or just