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Ski Trip Pack List: 26 Essentials for Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski Trip Pack List: Essential Gear for Skiing or Snowboarding

Whether you’re traveling an hour or 10 hours for your next ski or snowboarding trip, you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget any of the essential gear on your “Ski Trip Pack List.” How terrible would it be to arrive at the ski resort and realize you forgot your mittens, neck gaiter, or the GoPro you were really excited to film with? This list will help you pack everything you need to have a rad time on the slopes and in town.


Whitefish Resort, Big Mountain, Montana Skiing
Every day is an ultimate winter wonderland up here at Whitefish

Ski Jacket – While a good ski jacket isn’t the most important piece of gear for riding, a good jacket can make a huge difference in your comfort on the mountain. I really love my Women’s Arctix Snow Jacket. It super affordable, comfortable, and fashionable. Arctix also has mens and kids styles that we love. Make sure to pack a jacket that suits the weather where you’re headed. Though it’s better to be on the warm side, if you’re headed into the 30s, you might want something with layers you can strip down.

Keystone or Breckenridge: Which resort is better for families and beginners?
Decked out in full Columbia gear: The Bugaboo pants and Alpine Action jacket

Ski Pants – Ski pants are absolutely essential (unless you want to look like a jerry). I have the Columbia Bugaboo pants and I’m really happy with their warmth, comfort, waterproofness plus they’re flattering and not too baggy.

Ski Bib- We love our Arctix ski bibs. Just like the Arctix jacket, the bib is affordable, comfortable, and super cute for a day on the slopes.

Base Layers – Base layers are probably the most important part of staying warm. We use Columbia base layers as well as REI base layers.

Ski Trip Pack List: Essential Gear for Skiing or Snowboarding
Staying toasty warm with every layers from socks to base layers and wind shells

Ski Socks + Cozy Socks – We love our Stance socks whether we’re skiing or snowboarding and afterward it’s nice to have a pair of clean, cozy socks to chill in or to slip on with some boots when you head into town.

Gloves + Mittens – I highly recommend having both of these, not one or the other. Hands get cold easily and layering up with thin gloves before sliding on your mittens makes a difference. I like having gloves that work on touch screen so I don’t have to take off both my gloves to check my phone. On the other hand, I love toasty warm, insulated mittens to go on top like these Columbia ones.

If you are using your phone a lot while on the slopes like we do to create epic YouTube videos, it’s really nice to have touchscreen-compatible gloves.

Neck Gaiter or Face Mask – One again, better to be on the safe side than be cold on the slopes. Powder days, windy days, or just straight up cold days call for face warmth. Go for the full face mask or just a neck gaiter.

Beanie – Whether you want to layer up your helmet with some extra warmth or just want something stylish to keep you warm when you head to the lodge or town for dinner, beanies definitely have to be on your ski trip pack list.

A Dinner Outfit – Besides all the essential snow clothes, you’re going to want one or two nicer outfits to go out in. You can get as creative as your luggage size allows for on this one. Don’t forget shoes that are function and still fashionable for dinner. When all else fails, pack a pair of waterproof Ugg Boots.

The Crown, Things to do in Summit County in Winter
Good food and chill vibes at The Crown

Pajamas – Some warm and cozy jammies for when you hit the hay.

Optional: Swimsuit – If your lodge or hotel has a hot tub, don’t forget a bathing suit. Nothing feels better the the warm water after a cold day riding.

Optional: Flip flops – Usually we camp when we go on ski trips so it’s rarely warm enough to slide on some sandals however if you’re staying at a lodge or hotel, flip flops are super nice to have for chilling at your accommodation.


Skis or Snowboard – Whichever fits the bill.

Optional: Ski poles – If skiing.

Ski Trip Pack List: Essential Gear for Skiing or Snowboarding
Doesn’t matter if you ski or snowboard, we’re all here to have a hella good time

Bag – A bag isn’t necessary unless you’re flying, in which case you’ll need a bag to store your gear in. For your Ski Trip Pack List, this Burton bag is nice because it can hold multiple boards if you’re not traveling solo. Alternatively, check out this Dakine bag for skis.

Helmet – Highly recommended especially on crowded weekends or holidays at resorts. While sometimes I pass on a helmet since I’m not very good and pretty much stick to the easy blue runs, I want my kids to have helmets no matter what because they bomb everything.

Goggles – We have pretty cheap, low end Bolle goggles and most of the time they’re great however, on stormy days with low visibility, I wish I had a good pair of Native Eyewear goggles. I’ve only tried Native Eyewear goggles once and I was really impressed with the quality and visibility. Click here to check out their different lens styles. Not sure what type of goggles are best for you? Click here and check out this guide to choosing the right pair of goggles.

Small Backpack – A backpack is super helpful for holding your water bottle/reservoir, snacks, and phone charger if you want to spend the whole day on the slopes. You’re definitely going to want something small like a Camelback pack or the Matador Hydrolite Hydration Pack so you don’t have to deal with taking off and putting it on your lap every single time you hop on a lift.


Ski Slope Snacks – The quickest way to ruin a day at the slopes (other than breaking a bone or dying) is low blood sugar or becoming hangry. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true! And ski resort food is NOT going to make you feel good. Some of my favorite snacks that do WAY better for me are GoMacro Bars and Rickaroons. Check them out on our blog here and be sure to purchase them through our link! Don’t forget to review our Ski Trip Pack List for a hassle-free and enjoyable day on the slopes.

Jackery Battery Pack – While most ski lodges have charging stations, that would require sitting at lodge and waiting for your phone to charge. I like being able to charge my phone while I’m riding so I can enjoy a full day on the slopes. I use this Jackery charging pack and am really impressed with how many times It can charge my phone before having to recharge the battery back itself. It’s also really good in cold weather because that can often be an issue with phone charging packs. Be sure to pack your phone charging cable with it.

LifeProof Case – Most of us ski with our phones for the sake of communication, photos, videos, and the occasional IG scroll. It’s unlikely that you’ll crush your phone on a wipeout, however, it eases my mind when I have my LifeProof case on. It’s waterproof, dirt-proof, and drop-proof (AKA fall-proof) so I never have to worry about breaking my couple hundred dollar phone while having a good time at a resort. Plus, with a LifeProof case, your phone won’t die as fast which cold weather often does to your phone.

GoPro – If you shred, or even if you don’t shred, you might want to record those pow days with a GoPro. Don’t forget your GoPro accessories like a ski pole mount or helmet mount

Hand & Toe Warmers – ALWAYS pack hand warmers and toe warmers, even if it’s “not supposed to be that cold.” Better safe than sorry on this one cuz cold hands and feet can totally take away from your good times.

Lip Balm This is absolutely essential on a ski trip. I get so mad if I forget lip balm on a long day of riding especially in extra dry destinations like Colorado. All Good is my all time favorite lip balm because it’s not slimy or perfumey.

Sunscreen – I get wayyyy more sunburnt on the slopes than I ever do at the beach. Once again, my go to is All Good sunscreen or sometimes Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. I know it sounds silly to like one sunscreen over another but there is a noticeable difference in these two. They’re thin, non-greasy, and have great sun protection.

Toiletries – All the essentials.

Entertainment – Whether your ski trip destination is reached by car or plane, you should pack something to entertain you on the long commute, such as books, headphones, music, etc., or download an audiobook off Audible. Don’t forget to include items from your “Ski Trip Pack List.” I love having our Road Trip Playlist on hand (click here to see it on Spotify or check out the song list!). These things can also help cure boredom around the lodge too.

Ski Pass & Other Important Documents – If you’re not purchasing your ski passes at your destination, don’t forget to pack your ski pas so you can hit the lifts right away on your first day. Also be sure you have access to any other important documents (ID, insurance, etc) or reservation confirmations.

With this ski trip pack list, you’ll be set with all the gear you need for an epic winter vacation!

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or let us know if we missed something!

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