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Spearfish Canyon Lodge: Ultimate Black Hills Adventure Hub

Spearfish Canyon Lodge, located among the beautiful Black Hills, is the perfect getaway for families, couples, and outdoor lovers! Not only is Spearfish Canyon Lodge a comfortable and upscale accommodation, but it’s also the ultimate adventure hub and lies within minutes of South Dakota’s best climbing, biking, hiking, and ATV riding!

We discovered the Spearfish Canyon Lodge on our first trip to the Canyon a month ago. The Lodge was the trailhead location of the popular hike we were doing, Roughlock Falls, and I was instantly awestruck when discovering the Spearfish Canyon Lodge and how many epic adventures lay outside its front doors.

Spearfish Canyon Lodge is located in Savoy and it’s the only thing located in Savoy. Standing alone, like a beautiful slice of heaven, it’s surrounded by dark green ponderosa pine trees, lime green birch trees, and huge limestone cliffs.

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Spearfish Canyon is the ultimate hub for climbing, biking, hiking, and ATV riding in the Spearfish Black Hills

It’s truly tranquility at its best and I knew from the moment I saw it that I had to come back and stay here to experience all the Lodge had to offer.

Disclosure: Our experience at Spearfish Canyon Lodge was compensated to us free of charge to create this post however the opinions expressed in this blog are, and always will be, truly our own.

Spearfish Canyon Lodge
The Spearfish Canyon Lodge is scenically located amongst the Black Hills of South Dakota

The Spearfish Canyon Lodge

I’m an introvert at heart and with only 54 rooms, the smallness and quaintness of the lodge is one of the many things I was drawn to. While it has every amenity of a large-scale hotel, the fact that it didn’t feel crowded added a lot to my sense of peace and calm.

Right when you walk into the lobby area, you’ll get that homey feeling with large chairs, comfy couches, and an oversized fireplace. Here, there’s a bar to grab a drink or a cup of coffee in the morning if you prefer not to make it in your room. 

Spearfish Canyon Lodge
Spearfish Canyon Lodge lobby area is a wonderful place to relax for drinks

The rooms themselves are extremely clean and comfortable. Our kids stayed in the Bridalveil Suite, which is perfect for a family looking to stay for a few days and make Spearfish Canyon Lodge their home base for fun and adventure. 

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Bridalveil Suite

This room at the Lodge has a kitchen, a large living room, a huge bedroom, a separate vanity area, and a bathroom with a separate shower and jacuzzi bathtub.

The kitchen had a full-size refrigerator, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, and a large eating area that is perfect for feeding a family.

Bridalveil suite, Spearfish Canyon Lodge
Luxurious living space on the Bridalveil Suite at Spearfish Canyon Lodge

The living room had plenty of seating for our entire family to curl up and watch a movie and the futon couch converts to a comfy bed that easily sleeps 2 or 3 kids.

The bedroom had a king-size bed. But my favorite part of this room was the large patio with great views.

Calamity Jane Suite

Victor and I had a wonderfully romantic evening across the hall in the Calamity Jane room. This room is extremely spacious for a couple with a king size bed, oversized armchair, full size couch, writing desk, and my favorite, a fireplace.

While it doesn’t have a balcony, you still have views on the canyon from your room. 

Calamity Jane Suite, Spearfish Canyon Lodge
Complimentary coffee + setup in the Calamity Jane Suite courtesy of Spearfish Canyon Lodge

Affordable Rooms

While we stayed in the luxury suites, the basic rooms are also very nice and put you right in the center of all the fun and beauty of Spearfish Canyon.

Best of all, these rooms are extremely affordable at less than a hundred a night.

Click here to book your stay at Spearfish Canyon Lodge.


My favorite part of staying in a hotel or lodge is going to the spa/jacuzzi. Spearfish Canyon Lodge has two small spas on the second-floor balconies that overlook the beautiful canyon. I especially loved how powerful the jets were in it!

Ultimate Adventure Hub

There’s an extensive network of trails and forest roads surrounding SCL and one of the best ways to explore these trails is with an off-road vehicle.

We took two razors out to explore and discovered one of the highest lookout towers in South Dakota, a beautiful lake, more hiking trails, and a lot of happy cows!

If you rent a razor, I highly recommend a half-day rental and do the popular Castle to Iron Creek Lake loop. Along the way, you’ll pass a turn-off for road 8055. Turn there and go have some fun on the narrower trails.

Be sure to watch our video to see how awesome ATV riding is in Spearfish Canyon.

Hiking Trails

As I mentioned, it was the popular hike to Roughlock Falls and Spearfish Falls that originally brought us here and it’s so incredible that you can explore these trials right from the Lodge’s front door. There is also a trail that takes you a mile to the dam.

I love that you can walk right out of your room and instantly be under a canopy of trees and feel energized by the ions falling off Spearfish Falls or while standing on the bridge over the creek.

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Rock climbers, you can even walk to a lot of the walls such as Mohican and Blue Sky from the Lodge.

Things to do Black Hills South Dakota Rock Climbing
Rock climbing at The Mohican just a mile from Spearfish Canyon Lodge


Although we haven’t learned fishing yet, whenever we’re in South Dakota, I regret not having the gear and knowledge. If you’re into fishing, you’ll adore staying here. Even if you’re a novice, Spearfish Canyon Lodge provides guides to teach you.

Lachstring Restaurant

Latchstring Restaurant at Spearfish Canyon
Stunning, scenic patio views from the Latchstring Restaurant at Spearfish Canyon Lodge

With the convenience of Latchstring Restaurant right across the street from the lodge, Spearfish Canyon Lodge is a destination in itself. 

The restaurant had great service and delicious food with incredible views of the canyon from the patio.

Our favorites were the steaks. We had both the ribeye and the sirloin and they were perfectly prepared. I had one of the house specialties, rainbow trout, that was to die for and all the meals came with sides such as veggies, potatoes, or fries as well as your choice of soup or salad. The bison soup was also a favorite for our crew. 

Summary of Spearfish Canyon Lodge

Overall this was a five-star stay. The only complaint was that as a digital nomad, it would be hard for me to stay here for an extended time because the wifi is very slow.

In the case of a short escape, it was nice to be able to disconnect for a while. 

Views from the Spearfish Canyon Lodge
Views from the Bridalveil Suite at Spearfish Canyon Lodge

Who is this best for? So many people!

My mom would adore the Wild West vibes, easy hiking trails, and riding quads or razors on nearby trails. Couples seeking relaxation, nature, and daytime exploration would find it perfect. Families would love it too! For a South Dakota road trip, I’d stop here for 2 nights, allowing a full day for riding, fishing, and hiking.

Click here to book your stay at Spearfish Canyon Lodge.

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