things to do in Squamish: adventure travel guide
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No matter how much time I spend in Squamish it never seems to be enough. Located only an hour’s drive north of Vancouver, en route to world famous ski resort, Whister, Squamish is easily accessible but still remains to be a hidden gem since most tourists tend to flock directly to Whistler without a second glance at the this small, scenic, mountain town.

What initially drew us to Squamish back in 2017 was its fame among the rock climbing world and as avid, yet mediocre, climbers, we were always looking for destinations that delivered versatile climbing opportunities. We came for the climbing but stayed for so many other reasons.

Squamish was built for outdoorsmen/women.

Surrounded by mountains, trails, rocks, lakes, and the iconic Stawamus Chief, Squamish has a little bit of everything as far as adventure goes and what makes it so cool, is not only the nature, but also the infrastructure, welcoming locals, good food, and outdoor culture.

Squamish is a home away from home for us and no matter how many times I visit, there is never enough time in Squamish

There are few places in the world that are comfortable enough for us to settle into a routine and in Squamish we do just that. We’d grab coffee in town, get some work done with WiFi, then we’d go climb the Smoke Bluffs or go mountain biking or find some cliff jumping, then we’d grab a beer at a local brewery and head to a camping spot for the night, sometimes boondocking, sometimes at scenic campgrounds, and sometimes at campgrounds with the luxury of showers and WiFi.

The pride of Squamish, Chief, Things to do
The pride and joy of Squamish towering above town, The Stawamus Chief

If you’re looking to head to this awesome outdoor destination anytime soon, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to have an amazing trip filled with local hangouts, epic adventures, and good vibes.

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