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Everything You Need To Start A Home Garden (Even in an RV!)

home garden in rv
I excel at raising children, driving 1000 miles straight on a road trip, and hiking from sunrise to sunset. However, when it comes to plants, my green thumb seems to be missing. Despite this, we decided to try True Leaf Microgreens grow kits to kickstart a sustainable garden.

Considering the current uncertainties and business shutdowns, we decided to embark on a home gardening journey this summer. In our blog, we’ll share our experiences and insights along the way.

Certainly! Here’s a revised version:

Given the ongoing uncertainties and business shutdowns, we’ve made the decision to start a home garden this summer. Throughout our blog, we’ll be sharing our journey and discoveries as we delve into this new endeavor.

To pursue our goal of self-sustainability, we temporarily paused full-time RVing. Our vast Montana property will eventually host cattle, sheep, goats, and serve as a space for growing our own food.

Even if you aren’t planning on planting this year, it’s a good idea to stock up on seeds for the future.

Having organic produce to eat is very important for our family. That’s why we’ve teamed up with True Leaf Market for all our garden needs. 

Non-GMO Seeds for your Home Garden from True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market has everything you need for growing a high yield, healthy garden including a wide selection of seeds, microgreens, sprouts, and wheatgrass to worms, planters, grow racks, and greenhouses.

Whether you are just growing herbs on your counter, microgreens for salads, starting an indoor greenhouse, or trying to be completely self-sustainable, True Leaf Market is the place to start.

While I could’ve just got seeds at Walmart, I wanted to ensure that I am not planting GMO seeds. True Leaf Market is a brand I trust to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price and they never sell GMO seeds. They also have a wide selection of organic and heirloom seeds, as well as seeds for beautiful flowers in your garden.

True Leaf Market also carries a wide variety of prepackaged storage seeds for long-term storage. Given the state of the world today, it’s a great idea to have emergency food supplies in your home in addition to starting your home garden.

True Leaf Market Products For Our Garden

In this blog, we are covering all the products we are using to get our home garden started this year. Growing food is completely new to us and this will be the first time for us to grow a garden. 

Absolutely, as we continue to travel extensively, some of these products are being grown while we journey in our RV, while others will be planted in spring after the last Montana frost. Updates on our blog will keep you informed about our successes and failures along the way.

We are working on growing a few different things from True Leaf Market:

True Leaf Market Start A Home Garden Guides

One thing I really love about True Leaf Market’s website is that they have a page dedicated to starter guides. This is very helpful to anyone like me who is a total newbie when it comes to starting a garden.

True Leaf Market Microgreens Kit

Our first attempt at growing a garden was to try out the Microgreens Starter Kit. We started our first round of microgreens this past December, thinking it would be a good way to supplement our grocery shopping and if things in the world started to get worse, we could just grow more. I’ve realized we did three things wrong along the way:

Our house is cold and where we live in Montana, it seems to always be cloudy. Because of this, I tried putting them under our indoor greenhouse light and I think it burned them. I’m starting to have doubts that I can figure out this growing thing.

We made sure to put the next round by a window that received more light and it helped but they wilted quickly and I didn’t get a very high percentage of seeds that actually sprouted.

In the third round, we tried overwatering them. The microgreens kit comes with a spray bottle but that is way too little water to keep the soil moist.

Oh, and speaking of water, be sure to test the ph of your water. If you buy the microgreens kit it comes with ph test strips. I do think our first round might have failed because our well water was a little acidic.

Grow Microgreens In Your RV

I’m currently on the road experimenting with microgreens in warmer weather, hoping for better results. Utilizing an empty shelf above my washer/dryer, I’ve found the ideal spot to kick-start the seeds. It typically takes around 3 days for them to germinate. Once they sprout, I transition them outside during the day and bring them back into the kitchen at night.

Starting Seeds for Microgreens in Soil and with Hydroponics. Tip: Growing with Soil is easier.

Growing Wheatgrass While Living In Our RV

We are also trying another True Leaf Market product, Wheatgrass. In my book, A Playful Life, I talk a lot about the benefits of drinking a greens juice every day.

In our small 5th wheel, storing abundant produce is a challenge, leading us to explore alternatives like wheatgrass shots. Additionally, with a mini Kombucha factory already in our RV, incorporating wheatgrass seems like a logical extension!

Start A Home Garden: Get Your Seeds

Did you know that a lot of the produce you buy at the grocery store was picked months or even a year ago? Plus, a lot of the produce is GMO and full of pesticides. Even when the label says “organic” I’m pretty skeptical because there is just too much money behind getting that word on a package.

Waiting To Start A Home Garden Is Hard

The Store-Bought Produce Predicament

Did you know that much of the produce in grocery stores could be months, or even a year, old? Many items are genetically modified and laden with pesticides. Even start a home garden labels can be suspect due to financial motives. I used to engage with a CSA, visiting farms, but RV life from 2015 made this impossible. Considering these factors, starting a home garden becomes increasingly appealing.

Savoring Homegrown Summer Delights

My uncle, our neighbor in Montana, offers us the delight of picking lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes from his garden when we visit during the summer. Nonetheless, our desire is to replicate this experience in our own garden this year.

Aiming for Our Own Garden Oasis

This year, we’re determined to replicate this experience in our own garden. Lucky for us, a creek on our property will sustain our garden even during our travels. (Stay tuned for updates!)

Planning and Ambitions

We’ll kickstart our seeds indoors in April and transplant them outside a few weeks later. My ambitions soar beyond salads; I hope to yield enough squashes, root veggies, herbs, garlic, and seasonings to sustain us this summer and stockpile for the coming winter.

Check back to see the progress on our home garden this summer.

In the meantime, spring will be here before you know it. If you want to start your own indoor garden and then take it outdoors when summer arrives, I highly recommend getting your non-GMO seeds at True Leaf Market.

Do you grow your own garden? Share with us your favorite growing tips in the comments below.

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