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Swedish Dishcloths For RV Cleaning

Disclosure: This blog was sponsored by Swedish Wholesale in order to conduct this review. However, the views and opinions expressed in this blog is and always will be truly our own.

I’m an adventurer. I love to cook. But ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll agree, I am not a neat freak. I love to let dishes pile up for a solid day. I let my husband worry about cleaning the shower and stove. I just don’t set aside much time or energy for worrying about perfection.

So when Angie at Swedish Dishcloths asked me to test out the family-owned product line, the Swedish Dishcloth, and tell her how I liked it for RV living I was like…ummm sure?

I felt like I wasn’t the best person for the job but at the same time, I love a challenge and knew if I loved them, you definitely would too.

What I do care about is finding products that work and are worth their money. After all, even if I don’t care about having a perfect rig, I do want it clean and organized.

Swedish Dishcloths Review: Great for RV Cleaning

We don’t have much space in our RV either, so it’s nice when I find products that have multiple uses and don’t take up too much space. Here is my full review of the Swedish dishcloths and why they are actually the perfect cleaning solution to minimalist living in an RV.

Swedish Dishcloths Put To The Test

We gave the Swedish Dishcloths a thorough testing by using them on all of the following:

  • Washing dishes
  • Drying dishes
  • Sinks
  • Stove
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Outdoor Tables
  • Walls
  • RV exterior
  • Spills in the tent

The 5 Things We Loved Most About Swedish Dishcloths for RV Living

1 | Good for Cleaning Just About EVERYTHING

From driving down dusty dirt roads to general mess 5 kids can conjure on a daily basis, our stuff gets really dirty so what we loved most about the Swedish dishcloths were how durable they were. We use them for everyhing. We scrubbed our rig hard with them! They are tough and did a fantastic job on everything from counters to our walls, sinks, appliances, and RV exteriors.

They were great for not only dishes but also for cleaning all surfaces of the RV, including the walls. Victor liked using them to give the exterior of the rig a thorough cleaning after our mud debacle.

2 | Washable

We also used them when we got stuck in the mud and not only did they clean our hands afterward, but I was shocked that they came out clean after throwing them in the washing machine.

I really thought I’d have to throw a few away after that ordeal, however, these durable washcloths can be put in the laundry or dishwasher over and over so you can reuse them to your heart’s content.

3 | Good for the Environment

The Swedish Dishcloth is eco-friendly meaning that once you used them up, don’t worry if you throw them away, they are biodegradable and less wasteful than your typical synthetic materials that pile up in landfills.

4 | Great Gift Idea

I have to say, I’m horrible about buying something like this for myself, but if I had got them as a gift, they would be one of those things that I would’ve fallen in love with once I started using them. This is a great gift for other RVers, they’re great for weekend camping trips, and honestly, just your daily household use too.

5 | Multi-Use

I liked that wash AND dry dishes with our Swedish Dishcloths. Trust me when I say we do a lot of dishes in this house (big families do that sometimes) and it’s so nice to have a washcloth that is durable for the endless rounds of dishes.

Plus, I loved that I could use another Swedish Dishcloth to dry our dishes. In fact, these dishcloths work better at drying dishes than our regular dish towels. The only downside is that they’re so absorbent of water, if you’ve got lots of dishes, the dishcloth will be a little soaked toward the end of the batch.

What are Swedish Dishcloths?

Swedish Dishcloths are a mix of a traditional cotton tea-towel with a European cellulose sponge. They are made of all-natural products and are hypoallergenic.

Swedish Wholesale is a family run business out of Europe and they produce all their products in Europe, not in China! They offer a hassle-free refund guarantee and have a US based customer service department, but I’m confident you won’t need to use this because these Swedish Dishcloths are awesome!

How Can You Get A Hold of These Awesome Swedish Dishcloths?

The Swedish Dishcloth by Swedish Wholesale can be found here on Amazon. They are super affordable at only $22 for a 10-pack and each dishcloth can be re-used up to 50X!! That’s a lot of cleaning!

Overview of Swedish Dishcloth

I give it 5 stars. I know, it’s a dishcloth so how could it fail, but really, these things are super handy to have lying around your RV and you will get a ton of uses out of them.

I even use them for really random scenarios in the RV like when I’m driving and eating and have to clean my hands, I’ll use the dishcloth just like a kitchen towel.

I would also totally have loved these as a gift. My recommendation is to put them in a basket with the variety pack of Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castile Soap and this Natural Beeswax Scented Candle Gift Pack and you have a thoughtful gift for friends and family.

Learn more about our story of how our family of 7 has lived full time in an RV for over 5 years.

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