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I love hiking.  My oldest three kids love hiking. My fourth child likes to hike half the time.  But my fifth child…well, she’s a whole different story.  If it’s more than two miles, has any sort of elevation gain, or if the weather isn’t between 65 and 75 degrees, there’s going to be a lot …

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Hidden across the highway from the more well known Cascade Lakes Highway, with profound lakes, forests, and views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top mountains, is a gem that most out-of-state travelers never even give a second glance. Three words. Lots Of Waterfalls.

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Hike the Cinque Terre – a place untouched for centuries, brimming with unparalleled beauty. Planning tips for your unforgettable adventure. A place that can only be reached by foot– a place that has stood untouched for centuries– a place that contains more beauty than any traveler could dream of.  Hiking the Cinque Terre is a …

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