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Têra Kaia (Aret Basewear) Review: Best Sports Bra for Hiking + Outdoor Adventure

Tera Kaia Review: Best Sports Bra for Hiking + Adventure
The Têra Kaia TOURA is by far the best sports bra for hiking and outdoor adventure. Basewear is fashion and function at its finest and once you go Tera Kaia, you never go back

The Têra Kaia TOURA is by far the best sports bra for hiking and outdoor adventure. Basewear is fashion and function at its finest and once you go Tera Kaia, you never go back.

Being a full time traveler who spends most of my days road tripping, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and exploring, I basically just live in a sports bra.  Not only is it obviously functional to wear a sports bra when you’re partaking in outdoor adventures but it’s also part of the dirtbag culture to wear the same outfit for days on end. This sports bra is so comfy, you won’t want to take it off AKA ultimate dirtbag cred…Oh and did I mention it’s also a bathing suit.

In all seriousness though, when I first heard about Têra Kaia (formerly Aret Basewear), I instantly fell in love with the brand and I just had to test out their gear to see if their products lived up to their awesomeness. This all-women owned apparel brand is not only crushing the Instagram game, but they’re also totally innovative with the creation of basewear.

Basewear (AKA the Têra Kaia line of sports bras) is designed realistically for hardcore women who don’t live according to the social norms. Ya know, the women who send 5.10s and jump in alpine lakes and backpack for days on end and crush the downhill bike park.

Basewear is not girly prints, excess padding, or tight straps that just don’t fit on your muscular lats and traps. It’s feminism at its finest and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

I tested out my Têra Kaia top all summer long taking it on climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, swimming, and hiking in 5 countries including destinations like Alaska, Whistler, Colorado, France, and Italy.

After experiencing all sorts of adventures, I can say with 100% certainty that the TOURA is the best sports bra I’ve ever worn.

Tera Kaia tops feel like you’re wearing nothing. You just forget that the sports bra is there–but not in like an un-supportive way.

Click here to shop TOURA Basewear by Tera Kaia.

This review is going to cover everything I love about my Tera Kaia basewear….Shall we:

Built for strong women 💪 

How often do you wear a bra that’s tight in all the wrong places because the brand assumes a certain body type out of women?

I’m guessing it’s a lot because for me personally, it is the biggest pain in the ass to find a sports bra that actually fits around my back and lats that doesn’t make me feel like I’m suffocating while trying to send a project or go on a long day hike.

Tera Kaia Review: Best Sports Bra for Hiking + Adventure
Got lats? Tera Kaia has you covered

Is it too much to ask for brands to make sports bras that are actually functional for extreme sports. The answer to that is yes except for the standout women’s brand, Têra Kaia

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Big boobs, little boobs, any kind of boobs

On the topic of sizing, I think it’s a good time to mention that these bras aren’t just for the skinny-fit girls with tiny boobs (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Têra Kaia creates their basewear in 2 different styles: the low cut and the high cut.

The low cut is totally perfect for A-C sizing and basically feel like you’re wearing nothing. The low cut is great if you have significant muscle tissue in your chest and don’t mind less coverage. The high cut on the other hand is best for the C-DD range, people who want more support for higher impact sports, and people who prefer a more modest sports bra.

As someone who runs right in the overlapping mid-size C range, it can be a little harder to find the perfect fit but the benefit is that you can go high or low.

I personally own the low cut style and LOVE it but while it fits super duper comfortably, I don’t always feel confident rocking the sports bra by itself due to the low cut nature of it. With the high cut, it’s flattering, has all the same benefits that I’ll mention later in this blog, but it’s a little more modest for people in the C cup range.

For those who run in the mid range, I’d honestly recommend owning both the low cut and the high cut.

Seamless, light, and oh so soft material

One of the many reasons these tops are so ridiculously comfortable is that they’re seamless. Not a single thread or fabric is out of place on these sports bras which means ZERO scratchiness and ZERO annoyance. Like is said, you forget it’s even there.

The material itself is somewhere between the fabric of a good pair of leggings and a swimsuit. This makes Têra Kaia tops softer than those leggings but also water resistant like a swimsuit.

The fabric is fully sweat wicking and quick drying which is something I never realized was annoying about most sports bras until I discovered this one.

Most sports bras get all sweaty and icky but this one seems like it’s incapable of even getting wet. This makes it perfect not just for 80 degree adventures but also for an alpine lake dip, spontaneous cliff jumping, and hidden hot springs.

The fabric is just so light. Some may find the light material to be un-supportive and “barely there” when the top is worn by itself but at the same time…a little side-boob never hurt anyone🤷🏽‍♀️

Have I mentioned how comfortable Têra Kaia tops are

Even when I’m not camping or climbing, I still wear my TOURA sports bra almost EVERY day (it’s a sad moment when I have depart from by basewear for laundry day).

My fellow adventure girl who also wears a Têra Kaia top says “I go home and look forward to wearing my TOURA…except I don’t just wear it at home…I wear it like 24/7”

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Flattering (cuz style matters, yo)

That seamless fit I mentioned before makes Têra Kaia tips more than just comfortable, it makes them stylish under any top. It’s not bulky in a tight fitted tank nor flowy tee.

The sports bra fits over everything with no leftover material. It doesn’t bunch up below the bust and it isn’t overly high cut on the chest above. It doesn’t ride up on your armpits but it doesn’t give too much away.

It’s simple fashion combined with perfect function. You feel just modest enough and just confident enough in the TOURA to rock the top on your next swim or send.

Also, did I mention that all Têra Kaia tops are all reversible and in 5 gorgeous colors that definitely speak to outdoor minded women. Each has a black or charcoal reversible side and the 5 primary colors you can get are Mars red like the rocks of the desert, oceanic Neptune blue, Olive like the color of the forest, Orchid purple like wildflowers, and Dune orange like a beautiful sunset or mountain peaks.

Once you go Têra Kaia, you never go back

Goodbye, Nike, Forever 21, Champion, and other sportswear companies. Nothing is as comfortable as my Têra Kaia top and I can never go back.

I wasn’t really looking for a perfectly comfortable sports bra. I kinda just got used to going through sports bra after sports bra because elastic stretches out so easy on a cheap top. I got used to the scratchy feel that you gets when you sweat in a sports bra and you rewear it the next day (ummm sorry bro was that TMI?). Got used to the material riding up on your armpits even though the feeling of that combined with the thick straps of your hiking pack is driving you somewhat insane.

climbing the smoke bluffs in Squamish
SO comfortable you’ll forget it’s

Before I discovered Têra Kaia, I literally had no idea a sports bra could be so comfortable!

Now that I know the full capabilities of comfort in a sports bra, I just can’t stand my other tops. (I know that sounded like an infomercial but it’s so serious).

Têra Kaia is a standard in womens athletic wear that other brands should follow suit.

Click here to shop for your next favorite sports bra and don’t to forget to follow Tera Kaia on Instagram and tag #basewear to be apart of the community and get featured on their page.

Got questions about Têra Kaia basewear? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Tera Kaia Review: Best Sports Bra for Hiking + Adventure

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