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Terms Of Use

By signing up for our coaching programs, courses, and retreats you are agreeing to the terms of use:

We, Nomads With A Purpose, recognize our obligation to make our customers aware of the risks and hazards associated with weight training, yoga, and similar conditioning exercises. Weight training, yoga,  and other conditioning can be dangerous and lead to injury. Understand that it is your responsibility to be aware of the dangers of weight training, yoga, and other conditioning. Nomads With A Purpose will instruct and encourage correct execution. customers should be encouraged to follow the correct executions. Nomads With A Purpose will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any customer during the course of weight training, conditioning, or yoga that he or she may participate in. With the above in mind and being fully aware of the risks and possibility of injury involved, you are consenting to participate in courses or programs offered by You, your executives or other representatives, waive and release all rights and claims for damages that you child may have against Nomads With A Purpose and/or its representatives, whether paid or volunteer. You also affirm that you now have and will continue to provide proper hospitalization, health, and accidental insurance coverage, which you consider adequate for your own protection. You fully understand that Nomads With A Purpose members are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. You hereby release Nomads With A Purpose to render temporary first aid to yourself in the event of an injury, and if deemed necessary, the calling of an ambulance.

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