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34 Fun Things To Do in St George, Utah

St George Things to do, Saint George Utah
Even though neighboring Zion is one of the most visited National Parks in the USA, Saint George is an often overlooked destination vast with adventure and fun!

St George is one of the greatest places to spend time exploring because there are so many fun things to do indoors, outdoors, and all year round! Even though neighboring Zion is one of the most visited National Parks in the USA, Saint George is an often overlooked destination vast with adventure and fun! The amazing part of St George is that on any given day no matter the time of year, there’s always something worthwhile to do. Read this blog to discover the best things to do in St George.

Top 10 Best Things To Do in St George

Before I dive into the full list of 30+ fun things to do in Saint George, here is a quick roundup of the best of St George

Best Outdoor Adventure Activity: Zion National Park

Winter on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
In Winter, you’ll have full freedom to explore Zion Canyon Scenic Drive in your vehicle

While there are many wonderful places you can go to in Saint George’s, the one place you absolutely must check out is Zion National Park. While it may be located 1 hour from Saint George, it’s still a great jumping-off point, and with how many wonderful sights and hikes this park has, you’d be sorry if you missed out on it. A one-day car pass costs $35, although if you’re a world traveler like us, I suggest you go for the $ 80-year pass, which gives you access to every national park.

Want to know what to do while you’re in Zion? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Zion NP & the Best Hikes in Zion NP. Or, if you plan on visiting Zion in the winter, click here.

Best Hike in St George: Candy Cliffs AKA Yant Flat

Yant Flats, Best Hike St George
Exploring the Candy Cliffs of Yant Flats

Yant Flats is an easy, off-the-beaten-path hike that brings you to vast rocky hills, open to be explored. What makes the rock dunes so beautiful is the white and orange striations and marbled effect that gives it the name Candy Cliffs. You’ll also have wonderful panoramic views of forest and rocky ridges on the horizon.

Pro tip: Looking for more adventure? Check out a canyoneering trip into Yankee Doodle Hollow (blog coming soon).

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Best Outdoor Climbing Destination: Chuckawalla 

climbing destinations, utah destinations, places to visit saint george, saint george climbing

In case you didn’t know, Saint George is a mecca for rock climbing. It’s one of the most popular winter climbing destinations in the United States. If you’re a rock climber, chances are you’ll check out all the great climbing spots while you’re in town. If you only have time for one, I suggest Chuckawalla.

Chuckawalla is not the most iconic spot in St George compared to the more renowned nearby crags like Moe’s, Zion, the Hurricane, Utah Hills, Virgin River Gorge, and Lime Kiln, but Chuckawalla is a fun, easy-to-approach crag that stays warm all summer (beware of climbing on wet sandstone though).

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Best Mountain Biking/Running Location: Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

outdoor destinations, utah destinations, places to visit saint george, saint george hiking and nature

Saint George is also a paradise for runners and mountain bikers, and while many of the same places you can climb are also good for biking and running, my favorite spot for these would have to be Red Cliffs. Red Cliffs has miles upon miles of trails that will make for challenging mountain biking and engaging trail running.

Best Adult Activity: Heart of Country Swing Dance

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Want to get your yeehaw on and have some fun? Then Heart of Country Swing is the place for you. Every Tuesday night, people from all walks of life come to swing and line dance. The instructors make it very approachable for beginners and they also give the more advanced students some tough stuff to try. The vibe is loose and fun, and it runs from 7-12. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dance partner to bring, the ambiance is warm and friendly and it’s not hard to ask others to dance.

A couple’s dance class plus an open dance costs $45 for a month-long pass. $30 if you just want to partake in open dance. (although I highly recommend beginners take the class in addition.) Want to do a little research into what exactly country swing dancing is? Check this out.

Best Indoor Sports Activity: Contact Climbing Gym

climbing destinations, utah destinations, places to visit saint george, saint george climbing

If you don’t feel like going outdoor climbing on any given day, then Contact Climbing Gym is a place you need to go to during your stay in Saint George. It’s got a generous selection of 50+ foot climbing walls, as well as a great bouldering section. In addition, you also get access to a good gym and a solid selection of yoga classes, making this not only good for an hour or two of climbing but also good for half a day’s worth of activity.

A day pass costs $20 for adults, and $13 for kids ages 3-12.

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Best Rainy Day Activity: Escape Rooms St George

Escape Room St George, best indoor activity
Our amazing family experience at Escape Rooms St George

One of our family’s favorite splurge activities is to do an Escape Room together. If you’ve never done one, an Escape Room is an in-person, interactive game where you and your team solve puzzles and use clues to accomplish tasks unlock the mystery or puzzle, and “escape” the room. St George has an amazing family-run escape room in downtown St George. We loved doing the Witch’s Lair room around Halloween but there are multiple different rooms you can choose from. Click here to book your Escape Room experience in St George.

Best Family Activity in St George: St. George Children’s Museum

family activities saint george, things to do saint george

For those of you who need something to do with the little ones, might I suggest a visit to Saint George’s children’s museum? This cute place is a great fit for anyone with kids ages 2-10. You can have tons of fun with your little kids at this place. It has multiple exhibits, all of which have interactable gadgets and props for them to play with. Admission is $6.25 per person.

Best Brewery in St George: Station 2 Zion Brewery

saint george restaurants, saint george fine dining, things to do in saint george

There aren’t many breweries in Utah, but there are a few, and the best in our opinion is Station 2 by Zion Brewery. It’s got good beer and good vibes. They have an assortment of microbrews, a full-service bar, and a billiards table to boot. Please note, however, that only those 21 and up are allowed inside.

Best Fine Dining: Painted Pony Restaurant

fine dining saint george, utah destinations, places to visit saint george, saint george restaurants

The Painted Pony is one of the most popular restaurants in all of Saint George, and for good reason. Serving rich, gourmet food for lunch and dinner, this destination also has a wonderful ambiance to boot. People’s favorite dishes here tend to be the French onion soup, the key lime pie, and the hanger steak. Entrees start at around $30.

Best Outdoor Things to Do in St George

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow Campground
Sand Hollow is no doubt the best Utah campground! These views and the accessibility to adventure are what make it so great!

Whether you want to find somewhere to camp for the night, or just visit during the day, Sand Hollow is a great place to spend time at. You can relax, boat, fish, or go off-roading in the nearby dunes. Day use cost: $15-20. Campsites: $30-43.

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Snow Canyon State Park

Petrified Dunes trail, best hikes in St George
It’s not hard to see why the Petrified Dunes trail is one of the best hikes in St George

If you prefer to stay somewhere where you can hike, bike, rock climb, or go horseback riding, then Snow Canyon is the right state park for you. Day use: $10-15. Campsite $40-45. For further details on these state parks and other camping locations around St. George, check out our blog post about them. 

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks, Southern Utah

This majestic monument offers a stunning view of southern Utah’s mountain ranges. This is a great place for people who want a scenic hike at moderate difficulty.

Dixie Sugarloaf

Dixie Rock in the golden glow of sunset. Photo via

Dixie Sugarloaf is a big rock located in St George’s Pioneer Park that offers an iconic lookout point of St George. Hike up here at sunset for an unforgettable view. Of Pioneer Park is a great place to explore and is one of the easiest places to explore in Saint George since it’s located only a few minutes off the I-15.

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Paragon Adventures (Zip-Lining)

If it’s excitement you want, Paragon Adventures has you covered. They offer a plethora of guided outdoor activities, but we most recommend their zip-lining service. $129-495 per person.

Go Canyoneering in Yankee Doodle Hollow

Yankee Doodle Hollow is one of the best beginner-friendly canyoneering routes in all of Utah. Weaving between a beautiful canyon, the trip consists of one amazing rappel, some small rappels, stemming through narrow slots, and sometimes wading through water.

Though it’s beginner-friendly, you still need canyoneering or rock climbing experience to take on this adventure on your own (blog coming soon). If you don’t have this skill set, don’t worry! Zion Adventure Company offers guided trips through Yankee Doodle Hollow so anyone with basic fitness can enjoy this beautiful canyon adventure.

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Moe’s Valley

Climber at iconic Moe’s Valley bouldering destination. Photo via

For climbers who prefer bouldering, Moe’s Valley is a terrific place to go to. It’s only 15 minutes off the I-15, with a total of 300+ climbs. If you need even more climbing recommendations though, we recommend you check out our other post, which focuses exclusively on St. George’s climbing destinations.

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Canyoneering at Lambs Knoll

Climbing Lambs Knoll climbing area,
Lambs Knoll climbing area, Zion

Meanwhile, if canyoneering is more your style of climbing, then Lambs Knoll is the place to go. It’s located near Zion National Park, and it’s classified as having class 3 scrambling, with some class 4 as well. It takes most people around 3 hours to complete.

Other Activities & Things to Do in St George

Tuacahn Center of Arts

live performances, utah destinations, places to visit saint george, saint george outdoor venues

While Saint George may not be known for its arts, there are a plethora of options for those interested. More than with any other category, picking a favorite comes down to personal preference. The Tuacahn Center of Arts is a great place to check out. It features tons of live entertainment and performances, from Mary Poppins to Alice in Wonderland, and more.

Grafton Ghost Town

cultural destinations, utah destinations, places to visit saint george, saint george historical sites

One of the most popular ghost towns in the west, Grafton Ghost Town is a cool place if you’re a history buff. Not only was it an old western town over a hundred and fifty years ago, but it was also used as a filming location for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This historic site is located near Zion National Park, about one hour from Saint George.

Jacob Hamblin Home

Another historic site, one that is much closer than Grafton. This can be a cool place if you’re into learning about American history and the people who settled in Utah.

St. George Art Museum

For those art enthusiasts out there, Saint George has an art exhibit you can check out, one that’s conveniently located in Saint George’s historic downtown. $5 per person.

Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

If Aviation is your thing, you can visit this historical place, located at the Saint George Regional Airport. $2 per person.

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

Featuring over 300 taxidermied animals, the Rosenbruch Museum is a great place to take the kids if you need something to do downtown for an hour or two. $4-8 per person.

St. George Historic Downtown

Want to take a leisurely walk? Then Saint George’s historic downtown area is the place to go.

Kayenta Art Village

Another place you can walk around however’s the Kayenta Art Village, which features a popular cafe, several art galleries, and much more.

Sears Art Museum

For art fanatics, there’s one more place you can stop by, and that’s the Sears Art Museum. This venue features hundreds of artworks and free admission.

Dinosaur Discovery Site

If your kids are into dinosaurs, then you can come here and see thousands of fossilized dinosaur footprints. $4-8 per person.

Places To Eat in St George, Utah

Frostop Drive-In

If you need to hit up someplace for dessert, then this retro drive-in chain has you covered. Get yourself some delicious root beer here.

Riggatti’s Wood Fired Pizza

Crafting artisan pizzas for customers in Saint George’s, Riggatti’s is locally owned and operated and is likely the best pizza you can get in all of Saint George’s.

Morty’s Cafe

If burgers and fries is more your pace, then check out Morty’s.

Red Fort Cuisine of India

Hankering for something more spicy? Red Fort has you covered.

Xeteva Garden’s Cafe

Located in the previously mentioned Kayenta Village, Xeteva is a wonderful place if you want some great ambiance and some exquisite eats for brunch, lunch, or even for an early dinner.

Wood Ash Rye

For your fine dining needs, you can’t do much better than Wood Ash Rye, which serves a variety of dishes, with ingredients provided from local and regional sources. This is likely the healthiest dining establishment you can visit in all of Saint George’s.

Angelica’s Mexican Grill

If it’s Mexican food you want, you probably can’t go wrong with Angelica’s Mexican Grill.

Saint George is, in many ways, a hidden gem of Utah. It’s not as big and bustling as Salt Lake City, nor does it have the absolute most stunning nature, but it has a good deal of everything, from outdoor sports to outdoor adventuring, to local art and culture, to quick eats and fine dining. It’s got them all, and it can be a great jumping-off point as well.

If you need some hotel recommendations for your stay, we suggest you check out this blog post here

Where to Stay in St George

There are many different places to camp all throughout St George varying from free BLM camping to scenic state parks and upscale RV resorts. For more info on the best campgrounds in St George, check out out blog, Best Campgrounds Utah.

Best Campground – Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow is one of our favorite campgrounds we’ve ever been to. When you camp here, you have fishing, boating, off-roading, and biking right outside your door. San Hollow is super nice because the sites fit big rigs and have full hookups for an amazingly low price.

Best RV Park – Settler’s Point Luxury RV Resort

Settler’s Point is a new RV resort that has great amenities including a nice showerhouse, a clubhouse, a pickle-ball court (with free racket rentals), and best of all, a pool and hot tub that are open year-round. Though the amenities are nice, what we like most is that Settler’s Point is centrally located in Washington. Adventures in Hurricane are only 15 minutes away, the west side of St Goerge is only 15-20 minutes away, and Zion is still a relatively close 45 minutes away.

Best Hotel Resort – Red Mountain Resort

If you’re looking for a bit of R&R on your St George trip, Red Mountain Resort is one of the best places to stay. Located at the base of Snow Canyon State Park, this hotel offers quick access to the great hikes of Snow Canyon. Red Mountain Resort offers a full-service spa, a pool and hot tub, a restaurant, outdoor fire rings, and a scenic property.

Best Budget Hotel – St George Inn & Suites

Just need a central place to stay that won’t break the bank while you go explore all the fun things to do in St George? St George Inn and Suites is a good option, located close to the I-15 and St George Blvd to give you access to all areas of St George.


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