travel workouts with and without workout
Here are 5 fun travel workouts that you can do with or without workout equipment! No time? Save this for later, Pin it!

Working out while you travel can make your adventure so much more enjoyable by giving you energy, improving your circulation from prolonged sitting, and ups your metabolism so you can indulge a little without gaining weight.

Keep in mind, balance is everything and if you are only going on a one week vacation, it might be better to either skip your workouts altogether and just chill out, especially if you normally train with a lot of intensity, or just do the first workout below because it is great for offsetting too much sitting in a lounge chair drinking piña coladas.

We’ve put together this travel workout guide with 5 different styles of workouts to meet your fitness needs while traveling. Most of these travel workouts require little to no equipment, however, I did include two workouts with equipment for those athletes that are looking to maximize strength while road tripping or want some inspiration on workout routines they can do at gyms while traveling.