4 reasons Trekz Air wireless headphones are perfect for an active lifestyleThe first thing I thought when I tried Aftershokz Trekz air headphones was, “THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO EXPERIENCE MUSIC.”  Imagine a combination of earbuds and headphones. Headphones usually have high sound quality and earbuds are lightweight for being active. With the Trekz Air wireless headphones, you can have both making them perfect for those who love living an active life.

I’ve been through a lot of headphones and the hardest part has always been finding headphones with good sound AND comfort. When I put on my Aftershokz headphones for the first time and hit play it was like the music gods suddenly let there be light in the world. With thier crystal clear sound and thier deep bass you feel through your cheekbones it makes you feel like you’re in a concert while being immersed in your surroundings.  It truly felt like a soundtrack to my life.

As you can see, I’m clearly in love in with these headphones.  Here are 4 reasons why Trekz Air wireless headphones are perfect for those with an active lifestyle…

1. Super Comfortable Even During Intense Physical Activity

Unlike most headphones that go on your head, these wireless headphones go around the base of your neck, hook over your ears, and the speakers press against your temples. Because of this, it makes them super comfy for any sports from mountain biking to running, hiking, or working.  

The ear hooks are made of titanium so they never feel like they are going to fall off. I love that they are wireless because its always the wire on headphones and earbuds that give out and makes them have a short life span. With these, you dont have to worry about any pesky wires getting in the way of ruining your next amazing trail run, bike ride, or workout.

4 Reasons Trekz Air Wireless Headphones are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

The ear hooks of the Trekz Air open ear headphones are made of mostly titanium so I never have to worry about them falling off during even the most intense exercise


2. Amazing Battery Life

One thing that gets in the way of good wireless headphones is that they take forever to charge. I was super surprised when I got home from work one day and saw that they were already 100% charged.  I’ve been using them for almost a week now, and with 6 hours of battery life they still haven’t died.

The charger is also super small and compact so you can take it anywhere with you without feeling like you have some huge apocalyptic contraption. 

4 Reasons Trekz Air Wireless Headphones are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

With a 6 hour battery life, I can charge these bad boys up at the start of the week and have them ready to go all week long


3. No Ear Pain and Great Sound Quality

Like I said earlier, the Trekz Airs fit around your neck and hook on your ears, not into your ears.  At first I was worried because I thought that the sound would be distant which proved to be a myth. The bone conduction technology makes them so much more enjoyable because there are no harmful sound waves vibrating into your eardrums, hence no ear pain no matter how loud you listen to your music (cuz let’s be honest, we all love cranking the music when you’re going full beast mode). Trekz Air headphones give you amazing sound clarity even though they don’t go in your ears which make them THE headphones for athletes, adventurers, and active travelers. 

Note: Part of the point of open ear headphones is so that you’re not completely shut out from the noises of your environment as that can be dangerous.  If you are in a place where it’s safe to totally zone out, I recommend wearing the earplugs that come with the product.  It makes the sound 1000 times better!

Bone conduction technology keeps your eardrums pain free no matter how loud you like to blast your jams


4. Travel/Life Friendly

Not only are these headphones great for physical activity, they’re amazing for travel too. Not because they’re necessarily good for sitting on an airplane for long periods of time, but because they’re durable and pack into a small case so I have no worries about if they’re going to break or not. These headphones are the farthest thing from bulky.  Their lightweight design makes them easy to carry with you wherever you go whether its a walk home from work or a trail run up a mountain in the middle of the rockies. 

4 Reasons Trekz Air Wireless Headphones are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

The Trekz air headphones are durable and come without a protective case so I never have to worry about them getting broken while traveling


  • Great sound quality
  • Safe for your eardrums
  • Open ear design for maximum comfort 
  • Great battery life
  • Not sound proof so you can still be immersed in your surroundings


  • Others around you can hear your music
  • Not sound proof so not ideal for plane rides, etc where you’re trying to block out the noise


4 Reasons Trekz Air Wireless Headphones are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

Overall, there’s nothing I personally don’t love about the Trekz Air wireless headphones


All in all, there’s nothing I personally didn’t love about this product. Trekz Air is everything I want from headphones: top of the line sound quality, the ability to take in what’s around me, practical design for comfort during intense physical activity, and last of all, lightweight and durable.

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4 reasons Trekz Air wireless headphones are perfect for an active lifestyle

Notice: These wireless headphones were provided to us by Aftershokz in order to create this review however the opinions expressed in this blog are, and always will be, TRULY our own.