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Virtual Assistant

Doesn’t it seem like there’s never enough time to work on your blog or online business? Trust me, I know the feeling.  

Is your head always swirling with ideas about new products, collaborations, courses, or launches? So many projects so little time, I always say

If you’re a blogger, you probably know by now that this blogging thing is more like a full time job than a hobby that you do in your spare time, am I right? It sucks but it’s you also love it! At least I do 🙂 Your blog is a creative outlet where you can inspire and teach people your specific niche that you’re passionate about.

Let me help your business or blog succeed. As your virtual assistant, let me cover the painstaking tasks like formatting blogs, scheduling and managing social media posts, or replying to emails. 

I’m Gabi and I’ve been in the blogging business for 2 years.  With a thorough knowledge of online marketing, content creation, and social media management, and web design, I can help give you the help you need to grow and scale your blog or business.

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Stop wasting time on routine maintenance. Let me handle your time sucking tasks and start focusing on what really matter for your business.

I can help you with:

Social Media Management

  • Being active on your social media
  • Replying to comments, mentions, ad messages on social media
  • Sharing other related content on social media,
  • Sharing old and new blog posts on social media
  • Creating new posts across all social media channels
  • Growing coral media following
  • Creating giveaways and contests
  • Creating ad campaigns on Facebook or Instagram
  • Managing Facebook Groups or other online communities
  • Pinterest Management such as creating pins and scheduling old pins, new pins, and others’ pins.
  • Designing infographics

Blog Management

  • Formatting blog posts with proper headings,
  • Adding social sharing buttons
  • Moderating and replying to blog comments
  • Adding affiliate links to posts
  • Adding internal links to related blog posts (yours or others)
  • Updating plugins
  • Repairing broken links
  • Drafting content
  • Editing and adding photos
  • Adding graphics
  • Tracking Google Analytics metrics
  • Setting up redirects
  • Blog post auditing (updating with new information, links, and images)

Email Marketing

  • Scheduling email campaigns/broadcasts
  • Designing email templates
  • Writing newsletters
  • Creating sales funnel sequences
  • Creating product launch sequences


  • Leaving comments on both blogs
  • Contacting potential partners
  • Managing and growing affiliate programs
  • Reaching out to advertisers for sponsored posts


Let me take care of these tasks for you so you can dedicate more of your time to creative projects, collaborations, and that made you love your blog/biz in the first place.



Gabi had a vision for my blog and made it happen, far better than I imagined. She is professional, timely on communication and always pleasant. I am thrilled to have her working for me to help me grow my business while she maintains a thorough knowledge of the industry.

~ Amelia Mayer,


Contact me about your next project or get a quote by emailing me at:

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