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WantDo Trail Shoe Review

WantDo Hiking Shoe Review
We recently tested out the WantDo trail runner shoe line on San Diego’s most strenuous trail. From scrambles to descents, here’s what we thought about the performance of WantDo hiking shoes.

This blog was sponsored by WantDo however the opinions expressed in this blog are, and always will be, truly our own.

Our family spends a lot of time out on the trails, so we were pretty stoked when WantDo asked us to review their line of trail shoes. Isabelle and I each tried out the WantDo Women’s Trail Runners while Daniel tried out the Men’s WantDo Waterproof Trekking Shoes.

Of course, we didn’t choose to test them on an easy stroll through the forest. We took them to San Diego’s most challenging hike, up to the summit of El Capitan Mountain. This 11-mile round-trip hike has some of the steepest terrain we’ve ever hiked, much of which is gravelly and slippery. But my favorite part of the hike is all the boulders you can scramble over at the top.

Scrambling, El Cajon mtn, Wantdo
Scrambling the summit with Wantdo

El Cap (of San Diego) was the perfect trial for our WantDo hiking shoes. Here’s what we loved most about WantDo’s Trail Runners.

Grippy Soles

This was my absolute favorite part of these shoes. The trail had some pretty rocky sections and I was very impressed by how sure-footed these shoes made us feel.

What I love best about these shoes are the grippy soles!

Plus, when we found those boulders to scramble up, I felt like a mountain goat with how much traction the bottom of these shoes provides. To Isabelle’s disappointment, it meant no spontaneous moon-walking, but she seemed pretty stoked about shoes she could scramble around in😜

Isabelle, Wantdo, hiking
No traction, no problem. Slippery slopes were easily treading on in our Wantdo shoes.


We weren’t easy on these shoes. We tested them by jumping off rocks and running down parts of the trail. The hard bottoms of WantDo’s Trail Runners provided great shock absorption.

WantDo designed these shoes with TPU plate support that helps to absorb the pressure of the ground and take the weight off your arches. I noticed as the bottom of my feet felt great going over rough terrain.

Grippy Soles, Wantdo, El Cajon Mountain
Grippy soles keep us from sliding down the slippy, polished rock


Not only are they sturdy, but these shoes are also extremely comfortable.

When we tested these shoes, we hadn’t done a long hike like this for over two months and I was impressed at how little my feet hurt by the end of the hike.

The EVA insoles of these shoes provided great comfort. The mesh uppers also provided good ventilation so my feet weren’t too hot hiking in seventy to eighty-degree weather that day.

Wantdo shoes on El Cajon Summit
A view well earned after 6 miles of hiking in our Wantdo shoes


While I don’t think these mesh uppers have the most stylish appearance, what I noticed is that, unlike many trail runners, the mesh seemed like it would last.

The light, thin material of mesh typically makes them wear out fast, but the mesh of our WantDo shoes seemed to be more durable than most.


WantDo Trail Runners are super comfortable for everyday life.

My 16-year-old calls them her mom’s shoes but in a good way. They are the type of tennis shoes you can put on in the morning and be comfortable in all day.

We’ll wear them to go for walks along the bay, bike rides to the grocery store, or on our way to our local climbing gym.

scrambling, Wantdo
Wantdo shoes make the scrambling game easy

Better For A Wide Foot

My only real issue with the shoes is that they run big and have a wide toe box. For the three of us testing the shoes, this was a bit of a problem since we all have narrow feet. We did like that we could offset it by lacing up the shoes tighter, though.

Isabelle, Wantdo trail shoes

Trail Runners

I always prefer hiking in a trail-running shoe. In fact, we did the entire Tour Du Mont Blanc circuit in trail runners. The low ankle gives me the mobility I want so I can adjust to roots and rocks on the trail.

Even though I loved these for hiking, I have a narrow foot, so I wouldn’t use them for trail running, because if I were running I’d want a more form-fitting shoe. However, if you have a wider foot, I think you’d like the fact that these have extra space in the toe box which would make them fit more ideally.

Plus, these shoes have a thick, sturdy rubber on the front of your toe. I know when I’m on long trail runs, my gait gets lazy and I end up accidentally kicking rocks.

As far as the heel drop, it is slightly bulkier than I prefer, however, I tend to reach for a more minimalist shoe, so I think that most would like the little extra cushion under the heel.

Family, Wantdo, San Diego
Family decked out in Wantdo

Choice of Color

Currently, the WantDo Trail Runners come in Navy Blue and Black mesh uppers. I think the Navy Blue looks better on the WantDo Women’s Trail Runners and the black looks better on the Men’s.


Cost may be the top reason you reach for WantDo Trail Runners. Compared to my go-to trail runners, these Wantdo shoes are 35% less expensive!

Size Down

Be sure to use the WantDo size suggestion chart and pay attention to the “from toe to heel” recommendation. I ordered a size too big and it did affect my comfort on the steep downhills. I do think if I had the correct size my foot wouldn’t have moved around so much and my toes wouldn’t have gotten raw on the downhills.

Wantdo on El Capitan, San Diego
Feet in places featuring Wantdo on El Cajon Mountain


  • Super grippy soles
  • Great shock absorption
  • Comfortable for long periods
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Can be used for a diversity of activities
  • Wide toe box
  • Affordable price


  • Not the most attractive shoe on the market
  • Wide toe box
  • Moderate heel drop (depends on your preference)


Whether you’re doing an intense trail run, a local hike, heading to the gym, or just riding your bike, these shoes are great for any form of running, hiking, biking, and cross-training.

The top reasons you’d buy WantDo trail shoes are for the super grippy soles, which provide amazing traction and stability, the great shock absorption, and the affordable cost.

The only reason you wouldn’t is if you have a narrow foot or are image-conscious and need a designer brand so the rabbits think you’re cool when you’re on the trail.

If you want a shoe that’s durable, comfortable, affordable, and great for all kinds of adventures, you’ll want a pair of WantDo shoes.

Click here to shop WantDo Shoes.


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