Amazing Hikes





Looking for an easy stroll or an epic trek?

1 | Crow Pass

This 6 mile  hike in Girdwood is a must do  if you are in the Anchorage area. The trail brings you to a stunning alpine lake and there's even a cabin you can reserve for a night.

2 | Portage Pass

This is the most bang-for-your-buck hike  near  Anchorage. Located in Whittier, the short but steep 1 mile trek uphill will bring you to the most incredible views of the Portage Glacier and Lake. 

3 | Mount Baldy

While still a steep ascent, it’s super family friendly and the hike can be done in 2-3 hours and gives you 360 degree views of the coast, downtown Anchorage, and the Chugach mountains

4 | Bird Ridge

This hike is painfully steep and arguably the hardest hike in Anchorage. Its faux peaks constantly plays tricks with you, however, reaching the summit of this hike is worth every step when you see views back into the mountains of Chugach.

5 | Harding Icefeild Trail

One of the greatest hikes in all of Alaska ascends the cliff that runs adjacent to the glacier flow. Experienced hikers can do the entire 8 miles and see views from the top or just hike to Marmot Meadows which still provides amazing views of the glacier.

Be sure to explore

Hatcher Pass

Denali National Park

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