Camping in Squamish + Whistler: Sea to Sky Camping Guide
Our complete guide on where to camp from Squamish to Whistler on the Sea to Sky highway! No time? Save this for later and PIN it!

Whistler and Squamish are two of our all-time favorite travel destinations.  With an abundance of outdoor adventures and incredible culinary experiences, there really is something for everyone on the Sea to Sky Highway.

If you are just skimming this and need the quick answer to where to camp, stay at Riverside Resort in Whistler and MTB Fun in Squamish.

If you are looking for free camping/boondocking for a night, go to Wedgemont Trailhead just north of Whistler and Walmart in Squamish.

For a more thorough description of each campground and to plan which campground best meets your needs, read on 🙂

Squamish and Whistler have campgrounds to meet the needs of all types of adventurers.

We like to play hard and rest hard, which means we prefer to go, go, go and then every three to five days we like to be able to shut down, relax, and most of all, take a really long hot shower. When we are in play mode, we don’t want to spend a fortune on a campground if we are literally only sleeping there between activities, and so, we search out as many free camping opportunities as possible. Likewise, when it’s time for some R&R, we don’t mind spending some money, but we want to be able to enjoy a hot shower, have WiFi, and breathe in some gorgeous scenery while our muscles are recovering.