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Wildbird Threads Review: 6 Reasons I Love This Small Outdoor Brand

wildbird threads review

I have no idea how this small outdoor brand has managed to stay small. wildbird threads creates some of the most amazing apparel in the outdoor industry and it’s all produced by one family and a few talented artists. What I love about wildbird threads isn’t just the tees, it’s the detail and story behind every garment’s artwork. It’s the passion for the outdoors that’s being shared through clothing.

wildbird threads strives to connect outdoor minded people and I think it’s safe to say that their apparel goes above and beyond this. I love the soft fabrics, various designs, and most importantly the reasonable prices that are often hard to find when looking for an inspiring outdoor shirt.

6 Reasons I love wildbird threads apparel

Supports small business

At wildbird threads, it’s personal. From the creation of the designs to the delivery to the customer. wildbird threads is a family run business based out of the Colorado Rockies. As digital printers, the Bailey family strives to connect the outdoor community through nature inspired artwork.

All the designs at wildbird threads are also created by a variety of different freelance artists. I love not only supporting this mom and pop business, but also the amazing artists who are pursuing their passions. The artists bring in a variety of art styles to the tees at Wildbird Threads from graphic design to acrylic, pencil, and watercolor, making no two tops the same. These artists put incredible detail into their designs and it makes the tees at wildbird threads feel very unique.

wildbird threads review

Designs for the Outdoor Minded

wildbird threads was built for outdoor living hence the wicked awesome designs. All the graphics are built around an adventurous outdoor lifestyle from abstract mountain lines to a badland’s bison. There are also some cool phrases to go with their art like Wild Child and my personal favorite and bestseller, “Do Epic Shit” (it even comes in a kids style.)

Styles Galore

There’s a whole world of outdoorsy people out there and not everyone wants the exact same style. Some people prefer tanks, some people prefer tees, and other people are looking for a cozy campfire hoody. I love that wldbird threads sells a variety of different tees, tanks, and hoody styles to suit your preference. I personally only like hiking in tight fitted tanks or thin long sleeves and wildbird threads has stylish designs for both of those. They of course also have all the accessories of stickers, bags, and hats.

Oh so soft

It’s one thing for it to be a cool shirt, it’s a whole other thing for a shirt to be comfortable too. The tees at wildbird threads do both these things. The fabrics of the tops are super soft and comfortable which to me is really important if I want to wear these shirts on long day hikes or bike rides.

wildbird threads review


There are a lot of great brands in the outdoor industry. Unfortunately, a lot of times the price is just too high with other brands no matter how sustainably made their products are. wildbird threads tees are very affordable compared to many other outdoor apparel brands. This makes them very functional for the everyday adventurers who don’t have hundreds to spend on cool looking clothing.

1% for the Planet

wildbird threads is doing their part for the environment by using non toxic, water based inks. On top of that, wildbird threads is a part of the ever growing network of brands that are giving 1% back to the planet. wildbird threads does this with their National Park collection. They donate a portion of their profits on this collection to the National Park Foundation which protects our public lands.

wildbird threads review


  • Shopping at wildbird threads supports a small business and freelance artists
  • Adventurous mottos and nature based artwork
  • A variety of styles from form fitting to flowy, long sleeves to tanks, and babies to adults
  • Super soft and comfortable materials perfect for long day excursions
  • Really affordable price tags compared to the rest of the outdoor industry
  • Sustainable


  • Paid shipping unless your order is over $100


wildbird threads is one of my absolute favorite apparel and best of all, everything about wildbird threads is functional. The price is right, the clothing is comfy, and the styles are sick.

I’m amazed that wildbird threads has remained so small considering all the amazing products they offer. There is so much unique detail put into these garments that you can’t help but feel like a magical unicorn of nature loving spirit when you wear them.

Get yourself some tees from wildbird threads and the next time you’re out hiking with your friends and they ask where you got your tee from, you can say with pride how you supported a small business and dozens of talented artists because you bought this beautifully inspiring and adventurous shirt from wildbird threads.

Shop wildbird threads now by clicking here

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wildbird threads review

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