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Parenting Hero

Congrats! You are a Parenting Hero! Your interest in non-traditional education and passion for teaching your children crucial life skills makes you an inspiration for all parents.

Your holistic approach to education is not just about academic excellence, but character development, grit, and the love for lifelong learning.

If you’re always looking forward to unlocking new teaching methods and equipping your children with skills to thrive in all life aspects, perhaps one of our Family Adventure Retreats would be a perfect next step for your family.

By stepping outside your comfort zone as a family, you’ll not only create epic memories but also build confidence and a deeper connection.

You are already doing a wonderful job, and with a little bit of guidance, your heroic parenting can reach even greater levels!

Join Us For A Family Retreat!

As you continue to seek adventure, why not add some wellness with our Adventure & Wellness Retreats? They are a great opportunity to escape, recharge, immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, empower yourself, and connect with like-minded people on your journey.

🌄 Outdoor Adventures: Explore scenic trails and breathtaking landscapes that are suitable for all skill levels. You’ll have the chance to take in the fresh air and awe-inspiring views with a community of adventurers.

🌱 Wellness Workshops: Prioritize self-care with wellness workshops designed to boost your physical and mental well-being through meditation and breathwork.

🌟 Self-Discovery: This retreat is not just about adventure; it’s about self-discovery. Uncover your inner explorer, gain confidence, and learn more about yourself while learning more about the Enneagram and chakras.

Grab Our Mindfulness Bundle For Only $30

Get access to over 30 workbooks & mini-courses on:

  • Mindfulness for teens, kids, & adults
  • The Enneagram, MBTI, & Astrology
  • Manifestation & Reprogramming Your Mind
  • Meditation, Yoga, & Chakra Balancing
  • Relationships, Career, Goal Setting
  • And More!

Learn More About Homeschooling (or Unschooling)

We have a self-development school called Be The Hero Academy where we help individuals just like you to live the life of their dreams by becoming creators of their dream reality.

Since parenting is so important to you, you might want to join us over there for FREE. You’ll learn more about creating a deeper connection with your child and get access to all our homeschooling and unschooling resources.

Gear Up For Your Next Adventure

Here are some of our favorite gear, pack lists, and trail guides. We hope they help you create even more epic memories in the wild!

Get Fit To Keep Up With Your Kids

If you ever find yourself needing more physical strength or healing injuries, check out our personal training website, We have been strength coaches for 30 years and can help you live a more playful & adventurous life.

adventure resource bundle

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