Nomads With A Purpose is more than just a travel blog

What started as small travel blog to share travel tips has evolved into a rapidly growing adventure travel and lifestyle brand built to inspire others to live the life of their dreams.

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Our mission is to inspire other to #BraveForAdventure

Whether it’s traveling to a new destination, getting outdoors and immersing yourself in nature, or pushing yourself in your sports, we believe adventure is about in embracing the hard times in order to live life of your dreams, not just paid tours and excursions.

We want to inspire and teach others how to seek out new experiences, take risks, and challenge themselves. 

Adventure shouldn’t end when you have kids nor are you ever too young to take on a wild adventure. Adventure is for everyone and can take on many forms.


The Brave For Adventure motto encompasses more than just outdoor adventure. Living an alternative lifestyle such as RV living or full time travel require a great deal of courage and at Nomads With a Purpose, we share tips, guides, and inspiration on you people can start living unconventionally.

Our Lifestyle section is broad and isn’t targeted toward just one demographic.  Robyn writes articles for on how people can downsize their life even if they have kids, Gabi writes articles on why teenagers should be world schooled, and both of them write about how people can travel full time.

Mindset + Fitness

While we are pre-dominantly focused on travel and adventure, we believe that health and mindset are a crucial part of creating your dream life.  We throw around the word badass on a regular basis because our mindset section is dedicated to manifesting your badass.

In addition, our health section is built help people be fit to adventure because let’s be honest, it’s not easy to go tackle a 12 mile hike in the Alps if you’re not prepared.  In this section people can find things like how to stay fit while traveling, tips for training for a strenuous hike, and more.

Topics We Cover

  • Destinations based around the outdoors (currently specific to Western US, Canada, Alaska, Europe, New Zealand, Bali, and Costa Rica)

  • Adventure sports including hiking, backpacking, surfing, mountian biking, rock climbing, and snow sports

  • Road trip itineraries and how to’s

  • Camping destinations around the world

  • Downsizing and living full time in an RV

  • Badassery: Mastering your adventure mindset and finding your purpose

  • Health, Fitness, and Yoga to live life to the fullest

What We Can Do for You

At Nomads With A purpose we don’t contain our creativity to one medium.  We write blogs, capture stunning visuals, create engaging social media Stories, publish entertaining and informative YouTube Videos, and more.  Whether your brand sells a product, a service, or a destination, Gabi and Robyn will create authentic messaging to increase your brand’s reach.

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