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If you don’t know who we are, check out our About Nomads page.

If you do know who we are, then you know that we are as passionate about the outdoors as we are for health and wellness.  Rock climbing, hiking, and surfing are the medians we use to interact with and explore the world.  We are nomads.  We go where our hearts take us, no matter what it takes to get there.  We strive to get off the beaten path — to climb mountains — to ride waves — to immerse ourselves in the trees.  But to stay strong and healthy, we have learned to master what foods go into our bodies, and how to keep our bodies in peak condition in order to live this way,   

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Our mission is to create adventures together as a family while we search out new hiking, climbing, and surfing experiences.  We want to help our kids develop self-reliance and persistence through camping and outdoor activities, and an appreciation for nature as well as a desire to protect it (read our blog Why I’m Raising My Kids To Be Dirtbags).  We hope to inspire others to take active vacations/holidays, live healthy lives and take care of their bodies, raise awareness of a world worth protecting, and live life to the fullest.

Our Personal Goals are to keep improving as surfers and climbers in order to experience the amazing destinations of the two sports while spreading our love of nature to the world.  At any other time that we aren’t in the mountains or sea, you will find us blazing trails across the world seeking the most raw nature we can find.  We are currently prepping for our upcoming surf trips in 2017 to Costa Rica and France, and for our climbing trips to Smith Rock, The Cascades, Banff, Squamish, and Ten Sleep.  Our oldest son trains for ultra marathons, completing his first 50 Kilometer race at 16 years old and is currently training for a 50-mile race in April.

What can we do for you?  We meet people everyday who are amazed at what we are doing:  curious people who want to know how we can just drop all our mundane responsibilities of everyday life and seek out adventure;  motivated people who want to know how they can follow in our footsteps; and grateful people who appreciate what we are trying to stand for.  We stand for exploring and enjoying the natural world, and keeping it natural.  We are huge supporters of Non-GMO, organic, healthy foods.  As surfers and climbers, we desire to protect our forests and oceans.  We hike, climb, and surf for the passion of the outdoors, the sense of togetherness it provides our family, the confidence it instills when you conquer your fears, and the joy it brings in being active.  We want to show that these sports are accessible to the average person and that they aren’t only reserved for the extreme athletes.   We can inspire families to spend their weekends creating similar bonds and memories through your brand.

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