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In this comprehensive guide, we’re sharing the best shoulder rehab exercises to help expedite the recovery of your shoulder injury, as well as help your shoulders stay injury-free. Shoulder injuries can be a debilitating setback, affecting not only our daily activities but also our overall quality of life. Whether you’re recovering from a sports-related injury, …

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Welcome to our surfing fitness program, Fit To Surf. In this blog, I’m breaking down our surfing fitness program into easy-to-understand steps so that you can have the strength and power needed to paddle to the outside, engage the wave, master the pop-up, and just feel overall stronger while surfing. Besides the strength training and …

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Want to get fit for skiing season? This strength training wokrout program includes the best exercises to build strength, power, and knee stability so you can ski longer, with less fatigue, and prevent injuries. Get fit for skiing season with this strength training program that builds power and endurance in the legs and prevents ski injuries.

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Working out while you travel can help you feel better, prevent you from losing your hard-earned gains, and up your metabolism so you can indulge a little without gaining weight. We’ve put together this travel workout guide with 7 different styles of workouts to meet your fitness needs while traveling.

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